‘There is no formula for a great show’

Debarati Palit
Monday, 29 January 2018

Singer Amit Mishra talks about how exciting 2018 looks, his hit song Bulleya and the journey so far

Amit Mishra has made a name for himself with hit tracks like Bulleya (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil), Manma Emotion Jaage (Dilwale) and Sau Tarah Ke (Dishoom). The trained instrumentalist has some exciting numbers releasing this year. In addition to that, the singer also has several live performances lined up. Mentored under music composer Pritam, Amit believes that a great live performance is an amalgamation of a lot of factors — presentation, music, audience involvement, the overall show. “There is no clear formula for a great show. You have a Beyonce whose shows are grand with costumes, lights, presentation, dance, singing and people thronging the venues. I have also seen bands like The Nationals who rely on pure music. At the end, it’s all about audience happiness,” says Amit.

How do you look at the tracks you have sung in 2017 and how exciting does 2018 look?
Looking at my journey in 2017, I extremely overwhelmed and blessed to have had such a wonderful year. I worked with the best in the industry, learnt so much from my idols and got inspired by my contemporaries. I am looking to start 2018 with the same enthusiasm and positivity and love that I ended 2017 with. I am truly blessed to be in an industry full of opportunities and inspiring people and stories which give me the push I need. I am hoping to continue this for years to come.

How much has your life changed since Bulleya became a hit and has your equation with the industry changed too?
I will am truly blessed to start my career with Bulleya. It’s not just me behind the success of the song. It’s the entire team — Pritam da, Amitabh (Bhattacharya) sir, Karan (Johar) sir, RK (Ranbir Kapoor) and all the fabulous people who have worked on this track — on and off screen — that resulted in the success of Bulleya. People have recognised me for my voice and have shown immense faith in my calibre. Since the song released and became popular, the industry has accepted me with open arms, not that it didn’t earlier, but this has just brought lots of love and accolades.

With such a dynamic industry, how much do your past hits really matter?
I think your songs become a part of you, they somehow define you. So no matter how swiftly we change, a singer will always be known for his songs. For instance, Coldplay releases a new single/album that instantly gets a 100 million views in a day. That doesn’t undermine the fact that they have produced some memorable tracks like Fix You, Clocks, Paradise, Yellow, etc. Your songs are a part of you. They are your résumé but then again we, as singers, have a great opportunity to work on novel sounds and new projects to prove our versatility. People sometimes refer to Manma Emotion and Ganapati Bappa Morya while speaking about me. All my songs are a part of me.

You have several stage shows lined up. How different is this from playback singing?
Wow! They are both very different. Studio sessions provide me an opportunity to make new music, with wonderful people and new sounds. It’s a very riveting and refreshing experience offering me a sea of knowledge and the chance to work with the best. It also provides a push to my creativity. You get to be a different person, a new character.
Live shows, on the other hand, are about passion and fire. The energy of the crowd every time I walk the stage with my band is the peak of satisfaction, nothing can beat that. There’s another allure and grandeur attached to a live show. I love to perform. I love people listening to me and I love my wonderful band — The AM Live that puts their heart and soul into making each show a success. I am blessed to be a person who can make people happy and make them dance. As I walk on stage among a myriad of other emotions, I feel love.

You started off composing music for TV serials and moved to films. How do you look at your journey?
Yes, but I’m currently focusing on playback. The journey has been so satisfying that I have no complaints. I have my idols like Pritam da. I really want to thank each one of you. I may not say it often but it’s all because of the love I have received that I am where I am today. The journey has just started and I am really looking forward to it.

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