‘Sunny and I are real with each other’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 16 January 2020

Sonnalli Seygall talks about her role in Jai Mummy Di, reuniting with Sunny Singh and working with veteran actress Poonam Dhillon

The last time we saw Sonnalli Seygall on screen, she played a serious and an intense character in Ashwini Chaudhary's Setters. She says that she has never played a character like the one she is playing in her latest film Jai Mummy Di. “I have been waiting for a long time to play a character where I will have much more to do,” she says while promoting the film. 

She adds that there is both similarities and dissimilarities between her character, Saanjh,  and herself. “She is extremely talkative, bubbly and vibrant. I am more subtle and not that high on energy. She is very impulsive and brave too,” the actress says, adding that both of them are very close to their respective mothers. “Just like Saanjh, I am also close to my mother. If my mother is against something, I will understand her point, but Saanjh will keep convincing her mother till she gives in,” she adds.  
Sonnalli reunites with her Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 co-star Sunny Singh in the film. Their off screen fondness and chemistry shows on the big screen. “Our first battle was won because we share a great bond. We have been told that we look good together. Our love track in PKP 2 was highly appreciated and there was a certain level of curiosity to see us together in a proper rom-com,” she says, adding, “I am super comfortable with him and I hope he is with me. Working with him makes life so much easier. We both can discuss things, we can talk to each other if something is making us uncomfortable or we are feeling low. Sunny and I are real with each other and he knows about my difficult times.” She adds that her mother is very fond of Sunny. “They talk in Punjabi.”
She adds that when Sunny and she heard the script for the first time, they found it super funny and relatable. “Today, these real life stories are doing well. Even if there's a song, it goes with the film. Jai Mummy Di is on those lines,” she says. 

The actress is also reuniting with the producers of Pyaar Ka Punchanama, which she says a major reason to do the film. 

Jai Mummy Di which releases on January 17, stars veteran actresses Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon as the 'mummies'. Sonnalli says that she has learned immensely from them. “Earlier, I was a little guarded but somewhere I knew that I also had to be at ease with them, specially Poonam ji because she is playing my mother on screen. I had to have that comfort with her and Poonam ji helped me. I had thought that she would do her job and leave, but she became a great friend. She is super warm, fun loving, helpful and full of knowledge. There were times when I was clueless about my hair or makeup, she would help me. She never made feel like a newcomer. We had conversations about coffee, fitness and other stuff.” She adds that with Supriya Pathak, she had a formal relation because her on screen role required that. “Supriya ji is playing Sunny's mother. Whenever we spoke, it was about the amazing shows that she is watching.” 
The music is already a chartbuster including the remake of Lamborghini by The Doorbeen featuring Ragini, and Sonnalli is happy about the same. “I am excited about this because I have proper singing and dancing. Music play a big part in our films and lives in generally.” 

Ask her if she has signed anything new and she replies, “The day the trailer of Jai Mummy Di released, I was offered four different scripts. It refreshing to read something which is not just about glamour. As an actor, there are certain options that's given to you and you have to choose the best among them,” she signs off.  

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