‘I learn from every singer I listen to’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 25 April 2019

Dhvani Bhanushali, whose latest single Vaaste, has already crossed the 100-million mark on YouTube, talks about balancing music and studies and how despite her father being associated with the music industry, she has to be on her own

At 21, Dhvani Bhanushali is one of the popular singers whose music videos get millions of hits. Her latest single Vaaste is no different. The song, backed by T-Series, has already crossed the 100 million mark on YouTube. Composed and produced by Tanishk Bagchi, the romantic track also features Dhvani. She has previously collaborated with Tanishk on hit songs like Dilbar and Leja Re. 

Dhvani can’t hold her excitement when she says that she has not only sung it but also written the English lyrics. Though she isn’t writing much at the present, she has penned a lot of lyrics which she wants to work on in the future. “I am going to release them soon and write more in the future,” she says.
Besides doing independent music, Dhvani has recently lent her voice to Bollywood songs — Dilbar, the reprised version for John Abraham-starrer Satyameva Jayate, Duniya for Luka Chuppi and Laila for Notebook. While Dilbar is a chartbuster, both Duniya and Laila were loved by the audience. Says the singer, “I want to balance my career between independent and film music. But I more inclined towards indie.” 

The young singer first got noticed for her song Ishare Tere with Guru Randhawa. After that, she released her first solo Leja Re and her second single, Main Teri Hoon, a Sachin-Jigar composition, written by Priya Saraiya, was a rage too.

Interestingly, along with singing, the youngster  is also pursuing her studies — she is in the last year of her graduation. “You have to juggle things if you want to get somewhere in life. You have to learn the art of time management. There are several sleepless nights but it’s all worth it. I am really passionate about singing,” she says.

Singers becoming protagonists in their own videos has become a big trend today, because of which they are under pressure to have a good voice and also look good. Dhvani takes it in her stride. “Of course, there is a pressure but I don’t look at it from a negative angle. I just want to push myself to strive harder to achieve perfection and be as best as I can with my songs and videos. Today, everybody is putting out such good content; I am also trying to do the same. I want to work on myself each day,” she says. 
It was passion for music which led Dhvani to create her own YouTube channel in her teens. She got noticed for her carpool mashup of Gulabi Ankhen and Shape of You. In spite of achieving popularity at such a young age, she says that nothing has really changed in her life. But, it has helped her evolve. “I have become a much better person. My understanding has increased and all the work has taught me a lot about life in general,” she points out.

But does being exposed to the music industry at a young age give her an edge over her competitors? “I learn from every singer I listen to and don’t consider anyone as competition, otherwise it becomes negative,” she says, adding, “I try to pick up useful traits from everybody’s work because if you see, there is competition everywhere. If you start thinking about competition, you will start comparing your work with others.” 

Dhvani believes that every singer in the country is currently thriving. There are so many of them who are doing so well and there is so much to learn from them, she says. 

Looking back at her journey from YouTube to mainstream Bollywood films, Dhvani says that it has been great. “I never thought I would make the shift so fast but I believe my hardwork has made it happen. People around me and people with whom I have collaborated, have put in equal amount of efforts and that’s why I have reached here. I am glad I got to work with some of the best names in the industry,” she adds. 

Not many know that her father is associated with the famous music company T-Series. Getting guidance from someone who has been associated with the film and music industry must have definitely helped her plan her career better. Yes, it has, she says. “Of course there is support and I am glad there is. But dad can only say to others, ‘You should listen my daughter singing’, he can’t force people to hire me as a singer. At the end of the day, I have picked my own battle; I have to be on my own,” says the singer, who is currently on a break for a month for her exams.

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