‘I eat whatever I want’

Debarati Palit Singh
Monday, 29 January 2018

Actress Payal Ghosh says that she has always been conscious about her fitness but never skips her meals or goes on a diet

Actress Payal Ghosh says that she has always been conscious about her fitness but never skips her meals or goes on a diet

Patel ki Punjabi Shaadi-fame actress Payal Ghosh believes that being fit doesn’t only concern the body but also the mind. The actress, who started her career at the age of 17, says that she doesn’t like calling herself a fitness freak. “Staying fit doesn’t always mean being slim but it’s more about being healthy, energetic and happy,” she says.

Before joining Bollywood, Payal had worked in the South film industry. She has been part of Telugu films like Prayanam, Oosaravelli, and Mr Rascal. She has also worked in a Tamil film titled Therodum Veedhiyile and Kannada film called Varshadhaare.

Her fitness regime is a balance between eating healthy and working out appropriately, “Yes, it’s always that. I don’t skip my meals or go for liquid diets. I always try to eat healthy food and follow an exercise regime which includes cardio, weight training and dance.”  

Payal says that she always had the habit of maintaining her fitness level. “I have always been conscious about fitness. When I was a child, I used to play tennis, cricket, and badminton. I used to ride my cycle for hours. I joined the gym when I was 16 but I have been never ever been on diet. I eat whatever I want,” says the actress, who has also worked in Vivek Agnihotri’s unreleased film Freedom.   

No matter how busy Payal is, she says that she makes a point not to compromise on her fitness. So while shooting how does she manage to workout? She replies, “Generally I work out in the morning. I don’t get time to work out throughout the day. If we wind up early then I hit gym. I drink green tea and keep consuming warm water.”

The body part I like working out: Upper back is my favourite.

The body part I hate working out on:  I don’t ‘hate’ it, but I don’t really like doing legs workout.

My best body feature:  My waist, as it has God gifted curves.

Common mistake that health conscious people make: Skipping meals is the common mistake that most people make. It doesn’t help in reducing weights, rather it slows down your metabolism.

My daily diet: Home-made non-vegetarian food.

The best body in Bollywood: Shilpa Shetty.

Who or what inspired me to work out: My love for fashion.

I have cravings for: Chocolate.

My fitness mantra:  Eat well and moderate exercising and being happy.

On a cheat day: Cheat day (laughs). I don’t have any particular cheat day. I’m not a diet freak so I cannot define this.






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