‘I do believe in WhatsApp romance’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 8 February 2018

Actress Geetanjali Thapa gives her reasons for signing Kuchh Bheegey Alfaaz and working with Onir.

After playing intense roles, Geetanjali Thapa will be seen playing a romantic character in Onir’s next directorial Kuchh Bheegey Alfaaz. The National Award-winning actress says that she accepted the film not only because she liked the script but also because she wanted to break away from her serious on-screen image.

“When I read the script, I found a beautiful story. Also, when Onir spoke about the script, he sounded so passionate. He gave a perspective to the story. I wanted to work with a sensible filmmaker like him,” says Geetanjali while promoting the film.

She adds that the film is very different from what she has done before because Archie (her onscreen character) is a bubbly, straightforward girl. “It was a fun role to play and it was so liberating to go to the set and laugh the entire day and keep talking,” she says, adding, “But it was also challenging to play something so different from what I have played till date.”

In Bollywood, it’s quite difficult to break away your onscreen image. “It’s true that we easily stereotype actors and offer them similar roles repeatedly. It’s also difficult to break that stereotype. But once in a while when we get that opportunity, we take it up,” she says.

Working with Onir was a cake walk, says Geetanjali. “He always has a smile on his face. He is a softspoken person and as a director he sets the tone for the set. He was calm and relaxed and we followed his ease. He is very serious about his workshops, so we attended them diligently. Those helped us figure out the background of the characters and during the shoot we could handle the characters easily. I have tried to do justice to my character,” says the actress, who has been part of critically-acclaimed films like ID, Liar’s Dice (for which she won a National Award), Tapped and Tigers.

Sources close to the film, which releases on February 16, have confirmed that her character is inspired by Archie’s character in Sairat, directed by Nagraj Manjule. After watching Sairat, Onir wanted several traits of Archie in his female protagonist. “They both are out there and call a spade a spade. They get what’s rightfully theirs. It’s quite similar,” Geentanjali agrees. 

Kuchh Bheegey Alfaaz is about a WhatsApp romance, where Archie and RJ Alfaaz (played by debutant actor Zain Khan) fall in love via WhatsApp chatting. Ask Geetanjali if she personally believes in such a romance and she replies, “I do. We have our own beliefs. You never know, you may just bump into someone at a wedding and fall in love or you may be hanging out with someone for ages and suddenly one day, you will realise that you like the person. Similarly, it’s possible to meet someone online and fall in love.”

Geetanjali says that she felt insecure after watching her co-star Zain on screen. “Because he is so good and he has played the character beautifully,” says the actress who will next be seen in National Award-winning director Dr Biju Kumar’s Painting Life, which features actors from different states and is an independent project for which she shot recently in the US.

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