‘I believe in independent music a lot’ 

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 15 March 2018

Kanishk Seth talks about his debut single Aane Ko Hai Khaab, independent music and, his mother, vocalist Kavita Seth.

The next generation of musicians and singers from popular music gharanas/families are creating their niche in the industry. The latest to join the list is Kanishk Seth, son of well-known singer Kavita Seth. After releasing an album titled Trance with Khusrow with his mother, the young singer-producer-composer has now launched his debut single Aane Ko Hai Khaab.

When we spoke to Kanishk, he was shooting in Chail, a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh for another song based on that area. “The song will be out in a month. It’s a beautiful track,” he says.

Coming back to Aane Ko Hai Khaab, he says that he produced the song long time ago. “I was looking for a theme for the song and that’s when my friend Yashvardhan Goswami wrote the song and also composed it. He has written it beautifully, keeping his parents in mind,” Kanishk says.

“Having lived in a Hindustani classical music environment and being an experimental artist, I am trying to make a sound of my own by fusing different electronic sounds with soulful compositions,” he adds.

This song is a story of a small-town woman waiting for her husband to come back home from a faraway city. Because the song is from women’s perspective, Kanishk says that he did some research to understand the female perspective. “I spoke to my mother and several other women. My mother shared her experiences — like my dad was posted in different places and how she would prepare his favourite delicacies when he came home (Mumbai). All those interactions came as an inspiration,” he says.

While his mother has primarily sung for films (Gunja Sa Koi Iktara, Tumhi ho Bandhu and others), Kanishk decided to concentrate on independent music. Was it a conscious decision? “I haven’t thought about it; I just started composing music. I have nothing against film music. My process of composing music is a little different. I first imagine the visuals and according to that, I compose and produce the music,” he says, adding, “Having said that, I believe in independent music a lot more. Most singers and composers think that they will get a chance through Bollywood music but I don’t think so. There is no denying that one gets immense exposure and money via Bollywood music but the music has to be good. If your music is good, people will automatically like you. Several personalities from the film industry have appreciated my music.”

It’s quite evident that Kanishk inclines more towards composing and production unlike his mother who is into singing. That, he says, is because his father made him pursue sound engineering in his teens. “So I started working on independent compositions from a young age. I was never focussed on singing but I realised that if I compose, why can’t I sing,” he explains. 

Does he feel the pressure of carrying forward the legacy of his mother? Kanishk replies, “I don’t take it as a pressure but as a blessing. It’s a blessing that I am born in that family and since a young age I have got to learn a lot of things which has contributed to and reflects in my music. Just like my mother who sings soulful numbers, my music is also soulful and this has been pointed out by many. I never realised that before. I just want to continue making independent music.”

He says that his biggest learning from his mother is to never compromise on the lyrics. “My brother is also a musician and we never compromise on the lyrics. Whichever song we work on, it needs to have some meaning,” he says before heading back to his shoot.

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