‘Fitness is a way of life’

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 12 May 2019

Apart from getting a good body, fitness should also help you lead a better life, says trainer Hrushikesh Bhagwat

Essentially, to be fit, you need to find the right balance between your training, sleep and nutrition,” says Hrushikesh Bhagwat, personal trainer and floor manager, MultiFit Baner. Despite training a number of people in a day, Bhagwat makes sure he follows his own fitness regimen and training methods. “Here’s the thing: I am endorsing fitness, hence I have to follow it myself — it is like ‘practise what you preach,” he asserts.  

If one has to describe Bhagwat, one would say, ‘fit’ and ‘disciplined,’ but he didn’t always have those muscles, abs or the sculpted body. He weighed 90 kg and it took him nearly six years to transform himself. “One might wonder that I took quite long, but when I got into fitness I had no access to YouTube, did not have a personal trainer, and had no proper knowledge of nutrition. I made several mistakes and learnt from them. Today, I’m aware where I went wrong and what needed to be rectified. Since I have fallen, failed, learnt and transformed, I discourage people from doing things that aren’t safe and are less beneficial,” says Bhagwat, who is also a dance artist and now weighs 65 kg.  

This former animator says that one can’t achieve fitness in a day. Says he, “Although our goals and bodies are different, you can’t go fast and expect to get unrealistic results. If you are slow and do your training the right way, eventually your body will start responding in a better way. But if your training is incorrect, you might get injured, and your body and mind will get used to doing the wrong exercises which won’t benefit you even if you push harder.” 

It is tough being a fitness trainer as he is often pressed for time for his own fitness regimen or rest. “Sometimes, it does get taxing, both physically and mentally — you have long working hours, you train others, and then you train yourself — so you don’t get time for your own recovery.  Sleep, which is so important, gets compromised too. At times, while I’m training, I’m so exhausted that I just feel like switching off from everything else and sleeping. But that’s when my passion for fitness and the love for profession encourage me to go on. So no matter how tough it gets, I get going. The key to finding the right balance, however, is to regulate my body according to my timetable — I schedule my meals according to my work hours. With time, your body adjusts with your schedules,” he adds.  

Bhagwat, who is a firm believer that exercise and right nutrition must go hand in hand, says, “Whatever exercise you do, you move your muscles and not fat, so if you want to lose weight or build abs, you have to watch your diet. Workout will only add to the benefits, you have to have the right kind of nutrition for a healthy and fit body. One needs to be wary of fat melting tablets, slimming capsules etc. If these medicines worked, everybody would be having six-pack abs! Simply eat clean and natural food, and focus on leading a healthy life,” he suggests. 

For Bhagwat, fitness is a way of life. “You shouldn’t just train to get a good body, but what you do in the gym must help you lead a better life. There should be a functionality to your fitness,” he says. 

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