‘Failure is the best thing that’s happened to me’

Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

...Says  Adhyayan Suman who is launching his debut single Main Saare Nu Chadiya on December 21

...Says  Adhyayan Suman who is launching his debut single Main Saare Nu Chadiya on December 21

My mother wanted me to perform live on stage,” says Adhyayan Suman. Not many know that the actor has a keen interest in singing too.  Adhyayan is set to launch his debut single —  Main Saare Nu Chadiya on December 21. Composed by Adhyayan’s best friend and singer-composer Harshit Chauhan, the video has been directed by Shakti Hasija and choreographed by Rajit Dev.  

Adhyayan says that the song is a mix of Hindi and Punjabi. “People always felt that I should sing but I wasn’t sure. But my mom is the biggest reason why I am singing now because she wanted to see me perform live on stage,” says the actor.

He adds that the song has been an organic process for him. “The song is about a boy telling a girl that he has left everything for her. It’s not just a song for me but an emotion because I too have left behind all my anxiety, depression, failures and issues that I have faced in the last seven years in the industry. People will see a new me,” says the actor, who made his Bollywood debut with Haal-e-Dil.   

While most Bollywood personalities are secretive about the low phase of their life, Adhyayan has no qualms accepting and talking about it. “Why should I hide? Just like we go out and talk about our good life and success, we should talk about our failures too. I personally believe that failure is the best thing that’s happened to me,” he says, adding, “Coming from a protective childhood, there were a lot of things about the world that I didn’t know and how things function. I also made my debut pretty young; it’s been a transition from a boy to a man. A lot of my experiences about life is mentioned in the song. I do not live in a delusional word and I know there’s a lot for me to learn.”

The actor, also known for films like Raaz: The Mystery Continues, Dehraadun Diary, Himmatwala and Heartless, says that he hopes to become an inspiration for those who are bullied for being a failure. “I had done a film with Mahesh Bhattji titled Jashnn and the tagline said, ‘For every nobody who wants to be a somebody’. For the last seven years, professionally I am a nobody trying to be a somebody in life and that’s my journey. I take this very positively. I would want to inspire people to get up and fight,” he says.

He quips that it’s taken him a lot to get back again and do a single. “I was telling Harshit instances from my life and he was composing it. I saw to every minute detail of the song,” says Adhyayan.

He adds that the song has come out even more beautifully because of the bond that Harshit and he shares. “Harshit and I go back a long way. There are a lot of things that we have been through together both professionally and personally. Not everything in life is related to a boy and girl. There are several other things that people who are as privileged as us also get to see. I call myself privileged not because of money but my friends and family who have been very supportive. I call myself an emotional billionaire because there are days when I feel that I have lost out on my life and youth but the people around me just hold my hand and tell me, ‘We believe in you’,” says the actor.  

He says that the single had also come at a juncture when he met this girl who became his inspiration for the song. The reason he wants to release the song now is because it’s a party number.

Even though Adhyayan isn’t trained but he wishes to go for voice training depending on the feedback he receives for the song. So why didn’t he train and he replies, “I didn’t train vocally because I wanted to keep my emotions in the forefront and not the technical part of it. Of course, I was very particular about not using the auto tuner or over processing my voice. I prefer the rawness,” says the singer, who will soon start working on his next single.





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