‘Experimenting crucial in music’

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 22 March 2018

YouTube star Ritu Agarwal, who is performing at the Mumbai YouTube Fanfest today, says that everything boils down to good content and the rest is secondary.

YouTube sensation Ritu Agarwal created a niche for herself on the video-sharing website. Her YouTube channel — Ritu Agarwal —has 8,71,716 subscribers till date. Known as ‘The Girl With The Guitar’, Ritu’s cover songs have got millions of hits and appreciation. 

The independent musician, composer and song writer was also part of the first season of The Voice India (in Shaan’s team) and even made it to the semi-finals.

As she gears up to perform at the Mumbai YouTube Fanfest today (March 23) at Jio Garden, BKC, she says that she is looking forward to thousands of people screaming her name. She has performed at the Delhi YTFF early this month.

How excited are you to perform at the fest?
I am extremely pumped up for the performance because it’s a very energetic one. So I am looking forward to thousands of people screaming my name.

What are the tracks you are planning to sing at the fest?
There are many but I am going to sing some of my popular numbers like Jiya re, Humma and Bulleya. 

Have you changed your style of working after joining YouTube?
I don’t have any strategy to be honest, I am just going with the flow. I believe in my gut feeling —what I feel like doing. I think experimentation is the key for me at least in music. You also need to just stand out, believe in something and stick to it.

YouTube is being looked upon as an alternative medium for creative people. But what does it take to make it big on the platform?
I think it all boils down to good content. Everything else is secondary. Because if you don’t have good content, the audience does not look forward to your videos, no matter how good the production is. So I think quality content is the key and you have to maintain consistency in your content, of course.

Your YouTube channel has a massive following of 8,71,716 subscribers. What’s the way forward?
First, hitting a million subscribers, then maybe 10 million subscribers. I think numbers are good if they are coming along the way but I think content plays a big role and I am very happy about my content and my channel. So if somebody finds out my channel and if they go through the previous videos, they’ll be equally good and that matters the most. 

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