‘Every Time I judge ‘Dance Plus’, I Get So Scared’

Debarati Palit Singh
Friday, 8 November 2019

Super Judge Remo D’souza talks about the fifth season of Dance Plus, how he gets to learn from contestants and how people get to know about new dance forms

Remo D’souza isn’t just a respected dancer, choreographer and film director, but he has mentored several budding talents, many of whom have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. As he gears up for the launch of the fifth season of Dance Plus that goes on air today (November 9), he says that this season is ‘Undekha, Unsuna, Unbelievable’. “Trust me, you will also think likewise when you see the level of talent on the show.” Star Plus’ dance reality show will be aired every weekend.    

While the show will be hosted by Raghav Juyal, the other judges include Dharmesh Yelande, Punit Pathak, Karishma Chavan and Suresh Mukund. Shakti Mohan, who has been a part of Dance Plus since its inception, is missing from the show this year. Remo says that filling the gap will be difficult. “We have been a family and Shakti is an integral part of it. It’s unfortunate that she will not be able to join us because of prior commitments and her travelling. Even though she is not part of the show, she is still part of the family. And I am also happy that our family is growing,” he says.  

Endless amount of talent 
The award-winning choreographer says that the amount of talent in India is unbelievable. Dance Plus has been showcasing this kind of impressive talent. “It is unreal to see the level of talent every year. Once we think, ‘we have seen it all’, these kids come and perform something so amazing and it makes us think, ‘where are these kids coming from?’,” he says. 

In the last four years, the show contestants have put India on the world dance map. “Two of our former contestants have gone to be part of international dance competitions. Kings United won the American dance reality show World of Dance Season 3 and V.Unbeatable created history in America’s Got Talent. These two groups have done such amazing work,” he says. 

Judging contestants is tough  
As a viewer while watching the show, it’s hard to find any flaw in the contestants. How difficult is it for him to judge them? “Sometimes, it gets so difficult because these contestants are so talented. Every time I judge Dance Plus, I get so scared because everyone is so skilled and I have to choose the best of the best. It’s really a crazy task,” he says, adding that these contestants are judged purely on their talent.

And how does he define a blockbuster performance? “The entire act and if the performance has moved you. Some of the performances during the audition have moved me and everyone present there,” says Remo.   

A learning experience 
Even though Remo has been working as a choreographer for two decades, he says that he gets to learn immensely from the contestants. “I judge these reality shows for two reasons. One to enjoy the dance performances, and also to learn. To see these new, amazing talents and learn from them, is what I do. They teach us so much,” he says. 

Dance gets a new high 
Remo’s association with dance reality shows began in 2009 when he joined Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis as a judge on Dance India Dance. Ask Remo how much has professional dancing evolved in the last one decade and he says, “It’s been a huge change, and not just me, everyone has seen the change. We are on top of the world.” 

Since reality shows have started, new dance forms are becoming mainstream. “Absolutely,” says Remo. “Because of these shows, people know a lot about dance and they want to know the new forms. When it happens on television, it transforms into films. Actors today know that if there’s a dance number, they have to do a good job. Otherwise, people will be like, ‘what are these people doing’ and criticise the actors. Actors are taking dance very seriously,” says the director of ABCD: Any Body Can Dance, ABCD: Any Body Can Dance 2 and the upcoming Street Dancer.

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