‘Design is everywhere, that’s why it’s so important!’

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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Polish filmmaker Izabela Plucinska hopes that she, along with Belgian writer-director Yann Jouette, would open a new window for creativity during their scheduled talk at Pune Design Festival

Welcome to Pune Design Festival (PDF). Please tell us about your background. 
Izabela Plucinska: I am a filmmaker and producer from Poland and living in Berlin. My first study was fine art textile design in Poland and that is very similar to your PDF festival. After Art school, I went to film school, where I used my knowledge from design school to transform in the storytelling.
Yann Jouette: I am director and graphic designer of 2D/3D for animation films for more than 20 years now. After graduating in Fine Art from Academy Royal of Art of Brussel with a diploma in illustration, I was trying to explore design by drawing, design of puppets, set constructions that I took in pictures for some illustrations. Illustration is a really open medium! 
Learning 3D was a natural continuity of the development of my researches. Then I began to work on video games, commercials, TV series, short and feature films as 2D concept artist as well as 3D modeller or light artist. I am more a world designer, exploring the space inside the picture.

What can participants expect from your talk/workshop during PDF?
Plucinska: I hope during our masterclass, we surprise participants with our point of view, different thinking approach towards background, story and technique. We want to open a new window for creativity.  
Jouette: I am very interested in meeting other designers. Mostly, design is neglected at the profit of animation (movement of characters) whereas for me it’s half of the whole production of an animation film. A whole world has to be constructed in the same time than the story. It participates in writing of the story.

What crucial role does design play to make lives better?
Plucinska: We are born with design. Design is everywhere. That’s why it’s so important! I love the new eco design, it’s great that we are now thinking about ecological design. In Berlin, it is very popular. It is like a fashion. 
Jouette: Actually, it is very difficult to answer a general question like this. I would say that design gives the other vision of life by presenting a new representation of it.

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