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Amrita Prasad
Wednesday, 17 January 2018

With the fashion trend making a comeback, it is time to flaunt the good old classic pattern in a new way

With the fashion trend making a comeback, it is time to flaunt the good old classic pattern in a new way

If you have seen the recently-released Hollywood film — Murder on the Orient Express, you’ll notice Daisy Ridley and Michelle Pfeiffer sporting checks. The trend is resurfacing in a big way and designers are giving a new look and feel to checks to sync it more with the times.

“Checks are no longer limited to blazers and coats. Skirts, tops, suits, trousers and so on also have the pattern nowadays. The cuts have transformed from overlarge slouchy overcoats and jackets to feminine cuts and flowy silhouettes for women and a more casual look for men,” says Geethika Oberoi, a Mumbai-based designer.

Bhavya Chawla, chief stylist at Voonik.com, says that checks are a fashion essential this year. “Besides trends such as power shoulder, Crayola brights, denim redux, one ready-to-wear trend this year is checks. You may think of checks as being strictly winter only, but they’re making a convincing case for  spring too. Designers like Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Fendi and Gucci have done much more with this trend by showcasing power suits to sheer dresses in checks. To remain ahead of the fashion curve, we would recommend the fashionistas to plug in some chic silhouettes in checks such as long cover-up shirts to comfy shift dresses in their wardrobes. And the men should opt for the checked pocket squares to the cool shirts,” suggests Chawla.

Keep it Girly
According to Chawla, many women feel that checks is quite a yang pattern and it may not agree with their personal style. Given the fact that this year, it is going to be huge, let’s learn how to wear checks and still feel very feminine. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as suggested by Chawla:

Choose colours that are lighter or brighter rather than the darker ones in checks.

Opt for silhouettes that are not very boxy. In fact, they should be more feminine, probably with ruffles, frills, wraps or even cut on bias.

Fabric base should be lighter like cotton voiles, cotton cambrics, georgettes, etc.

Style your skirt, trousers or shrugs in checks with a floral printed or a polka dotted top. Combining a neutral coloured checks outfit with a pair of contrast bright colour heels gets you a number of eyeballs too.

Alongside the golden rule to wearing patterns, one should also remember that their body build should be directly proportional to the scale of the pattern. If you are on the petite side, then you should opt for small-to medium-size checks. On the other hand, larger checks will look great if you have a big build.

Go for colour
While the classic checkered shirts have always been a trend for men, it is time to experiment with the cut of the outfit, and colour and size of the checks.

“For ages, men have stuck to shirts with big checks in bright colours like red and blue and have shied away from going bold with formals. If you look at men, they have only sported suits and blazers in smaller checks in colours like grey, navy blue, etc. But with the trend making a full circle, it is it time to break away and bend some fashion rules,” says stylist Parisha Rawat from Gujarat. Parisha shares some tips on how men can embrace the trend in a new way:

It is time to play with colours! Go for bright red, green, blue or purple checks and pair it with denims. A  great pair of sunglasses will add the X factor. Coming to a formal suit, go bold this season. Ditch grey, black and muted tones and throw on some bright checks in large size. While single lines look elegant, for a more funky look, you can opt for checks that have multiple lines. Wear the suit with a white shirt to up your fashion game. However, if your workplace doesn’t allow you it, go for cleaner checks.

It is time to move way from the thick fabric and go for cottons. A crisp cotton shirt is a fashion staple these days. You can play with the neckline or the length of the sleeve — half sleeves look equally good as full sleeves. From Mandarin collar to turtle neck, flat and wing tip, the choice of collar will give you some edge. To stand out from the crowd, opt for cropped trousers, chinos or denims. When summer approaches, opt for shorts for a more cooler look.

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