‘An actor’s job is to do the scene truthfully’

Amrita Prasad
Thursday, 11 October 2018

Actor Amol Parashar, who will be a part of the India Film Project, shares his experience of the craft on various platforms

India Film Project, Asia’s largest festival for content creators, is happening on October 13 and 14 at The National Sports Club of India, Worli, Mumbai. The event  will have the ‘50 hours filmmaking competition’ and interesting panel discussions where known personalities like Sudhir Mishra, Milan Luthria, R S Prasanna and other eminent personalities from the industry will participate.
Content being the heart of the festival, it attracts creators from across genres — literature, filmmaking, storytellers, poets, composers, cinematographers, editors and more. Young actor Amol Parashar, who has acted in web series like TVF Tripling, TVF Bisht Please, and movies like Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year, Babloo Happy Hai, and so on, is one of the participants. Here’s chatting up the actor...   

Tell us a bit about your participation in India Film Project. 
 I will be participating in the panel ‘The Everywhere Actor — On Acting Across Mediums’ and talking about the experience of having acted successfully across various mediums — theatre, films, ads, web shows. I will be joined by fellow actors Aahana Kumra, Gopal Tiwari and Naveen Kasturia for the same. 

What has been your own experience of acting in various mediums — TV, films and web? 
The mediums and the pattern of audiences across mediums are different, but that rarely has any bearing on the craft of the actor. When you are enacting a scene, you are not thinking about where this scene is going to be screened. The actor’s job is to do the scene truthfully. There might be a difference in the kind of writing and the kind of stories that come your way in different mediums, but no difference in your approach to those characters. I am going to give my full conviction, irrespective of the medium. 

As an actor, which medium do you prefer the most and which of these gives you more opportunity to experiment? 
I have no preference as an actor towards a certain medium. Like I said, it is not in the nature of medium but the nature of content that gets made for different mediums. In that respect, the web medium is very exciting right now because the variety and the level of experimentation with different kinds of stories is pretty high on the web. 

You once said, ‘Writing has made me a better actor.’ What made you say that? How do  writing and acting complement each other? 
 A character does not always reveal itself through the ‘dialogues’; there is always a subtext to what a character says in life or on screen. As an actor, that is an important exercise to understand who the character is beyond what only the dialogues may reveal. You try to understand the person that the writer has created. 
By being a writer, and having created characters and stories myself, it became easier for me to understand how a writer’s mind works. Now as an actor when I read a script that has been written by someone else, it is easier for me to understand what the writer might be trying to do or say in a particular scene as subtext. When you understand that, it obviously makes the scene much more meaningful and engaging. 

What are your upcoming projects? 
I will start shooting for Tripling 2 soon. Also, starting to shoot for a feature film over the next  two months — the details of which I can not reveal at this stage. I am also developing a quirky web show for a digital platform, based on my own concept, which eventually I might act in. 
I am also developing a thriller feature film with a filmmaker friend of mine which we plan to shoot next year. I had shot for a film Aapkey Kamrey Mein Koi Rehta Hai with Swara Bhasker and Sumeet Vyas — which is under post-production right now. 

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