Make Every Second Count

Alisha Shinde
Monday, 10 June 2019

 We chat up with a few TikTok creators and influencers, who recently attended Creator’s Lab in Mumbai

TikTok, a short-video sharing platform, recently organised India’s first-ever Creator’s Lab in Mumbai which was attended by 500 creators and influencers. TikTok is fast becoming the preferred medium of digital expression and the 200+ million users nationwide serve as a testament to it. 

We caught up with a few of the creators, who have now become celebrities and enjoy a mass following of millions of subscribers. They tell us how a few seconds literally changed their lives and how important it is to generate good and new content every single day.

Paras Tomar, recently seen in Amazon Prime’s 4 More Shots Please and the film 377 AbNormal, says that even though he has an experience of being a vlogger, actor and TV presenter, his experience as a TiKTok creator is very different. “I make sure that I put up videos through which my fans can learn something new everyday. People have really appreciated the initiative that I started — #ParaskeNuskhe — which advises men on skincare,” says Tomar about his popular hashtag.

Tomar says that the best part of TikTok is that the platform celebrates diversity and believes in giving everyone a stage to showcase their creativity within 15 seconds. “This way, everyone can be a creator and s/he gets an equal opportunity to be featured on the app. You get a chance to share content that reflects important moments in your life,” he says.
A former Human Resources executive from Gujarat, Shivani Kapila, left her well-paying job to create content on the app full-time. “I don’t regret my decision one bit. I actually started off with, when it was launched in India. I really enjoyed it so when it became TikTok with all the added features, I knew I had to do it full time,” she says. When asked how she comes up with creative content, Kapila says that trends matter, but she also makes it a point to make videos keeping in mind her audience. “It's not just youngsters who follow my video and content on the app. There are parents, aunties, uncles who are also my subscribers. I have certain videos that cater to families.”  

Sameeksha Sud, who is widely known for her work in popular shows like Gumrah and Doli Armaano Ki, says, “The sole reason I got on the app was because I loved shooting my videos and posting them. I have been active on the app for a long time now and enjoy every bit of it.” Talking about the features of the app that have got her hooked to it, Sud says, “Be it slow motion, filters, sounds and even make-up filters for that matter, they are all available on TikTok. We don’t have to use multiple apps, just one click and in one shot, we are the creator, actor and the director.” 

Sachin Sharma, director, sales and partnerships, ByteDance India, says, “With its easy-to-use features and localised approach to content, TikTok app serves as a great platform for people from deepest pockets of the country to share their talent in front of a global audience and in the process, become influencers in their own right.” 

As part of the celebration of the Creator’s Lab, TikTok also reaffirmed its commitment to India’s culture of creativity by offering a peek into its latest campaign, #MyTikTokStory. The campaign, which made its debut on June 8, aims to encourage Indians to create 15-second videos that reflect their passion and identity through DIY, cooking, sports, dancing, singing and so on. 

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