Spreading joy

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 13 June 2019

If you want to spend some quality time with your family, head to Joy Street at Viman Nagar on Saturday

The city is mostly crowded with two and four wheelers. And there’s hardly any space for kids to play. The Viman Nagar Women’s Club (VNWC), in association with Sakal, has organised Joy Street — an event where kids and grown-ups can play games, gorge on delicious food, and participate in fun activities like painting, handwriting analysis etc on June 15 from 6-9 pm. Joy Street will extend from CCD Chowk to Symbiosis College Road. 

Bobby Karnani, president, Viman Nagar Women’s Club (VNWC), says that they have been organising this event for the past three years. “The idea behind organising Joy Street is to bring the residents of Viman Nagar together so that people get to know each other like a big family. They can come together to exchange their views and enjoy playing games rather than sitting at home. It’s also an open atmosphere for the kids too,” says Karnani.    
She adds that there will be no vehicles on the 900 m road. “We close the road from both sides. Kids can use the road to play games, cycle or skate,” she says. Along with that, there will be around 10 game stalls for kids and adults, around 10 food stalls, yoga, aerobics, live singing, tarot card reading, flash mob, and nail art, says Karnani. She adds, “There are prizes for children too.”

She takes pride in the fact that the crowd is growing every year. “In the first year, we had 1500 people, then it crossed 2,000 and last year’s event saw a 4,000+ crowd. We are promoting the event and once people get to know about it, we get a good crowd,” she says.

Karnani says that just like the crowd, the event is growing every year with more activities and stalls. “Earlier, the concept was really new, so people didn’t know what all activities can be planned out on the road. We just organised art, craft, yoga and dance. But over the years, we have introduced food stalls, people have started using the clear roads for skating, cycling, and so on. More people started joining us in showing their talent,” she says. 
Karnani adds that people who visit Joy Street, have a huge smile on their face — both parents and kids. “The parents do not have to worry about the kids because they know they are safe on the road. They tell us, ‘We are more comfortable here on the streets with VNWC than at home’, and that is a huge compliment for us,” she says, adding, “We should have more events like this where parents can just leave their kids freely without any kind of fear.” The event is open for all.

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