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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Aniket Arun Kumar Kadam, founder of AYS, talks about the app which offers doorstep service for maintenance and repair

Aniket Arun Kumar Kadam, founder of AYS, talks about the app which offers doorstep service for maintenance and repair

AYS, a startup company, has launched an app (www.ayspune.com/) to provide facilities of ‘Maintenance and Repair’ for households. It aims to connect customers directly with the vendors and provide better household solutions with doorstep service. From plumbers to electricians, key makers, catering service, property dealers, packers and movers, fixing laptop or TV, booking a salon, ambulance service, ordering vegetables, pest control — they provide all types of services. Their main tagline is ‘Your Wish Is Our Command’.

Aniket Arun Kumar Kadam, founder of AYS, shares more about their newly-launched app.

What made you launch the app?
Three years back when I faced a lot of problems searching a handyman to get maintenance and repair work done at my home, I realised others must be facing problems too. Then I thought why not come up with something that can make life more easier. So I and my team decided to launch the app because nowadays most people get their work done through mobile phones and computers.  

Can you explain further about the service?  
Our segmented market are those who live in flats, bungalows and societies. Pune is growing into a metro city, so it is getting increasingly difficult to find easy access to skilled vendors. We are offering a platform where you can find skilled vendors near your residence or area.  
If you are out of station and need a handyman at home just after you return, you will find one through this app and can avail the service at your doorstep. The solution for your problem is just a click away. You can track the location of the handyman you have booked. The appointment can be fixed as per your convenience. It’s up to you to start and stop the service, and also negotiate if required. You can pay once you are satisfied.

Why are you offering this service to households only and not others?
With residents having busy schedules, a handyman is not available as and when needed. Which is why we have focused mainly on household services.

Who is your target audience?
Mainly, we are focusing on the IT sector as they have fully packed schedules throughout the week. But BPO professionals, youngsters, working women as well as homemakers can also avail our services.

Who are the vendors and where are they from?
We have 16,000 specialised vendors who have registered with us and will be offering their services. All of them are from Pune, and we have five people in each locality. They will be scattered across the city in different localities depending on the needs.

It’s been a few days that you have launched the app. How has been the response?
We have started getting positive reviews from customers. People are really liking our concept, and recommending it to their relatives, friends and colleagues.

Will there be further update of the app?
We have our plans and will update our app as per the requirements of the customers. As we are new in this field we will work keeping customers’ feedback in mind, and yes, we will give updates from time to time depending on the requirements.

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