Winter Renaissance for Eve Champion Trophy

Saturday, 11 August 2018

First race at 2 pm
Race 1: 1200m Hammersmith (6) Fire Flame (8) Golden Hind (1).
Race 2: 1000m Samarjeet (1) Celestial Light (4) Zanara (3).
Race 3: 1000m Stormy Atlantic (3) Retained Asset (1) Falconette (5).
Race 4: 1200m Art Deco (2) Choo Mantar (6) Abraxas (5).
Race 5: 1400m Winter Renaissance (6) B Fifty Two (2) Selfie Star (7).  
Race 6: 1600m Vistana (6) Domination (7) Masterofbalantrae (1).
Race 7: 1400m Godsword (7) Glorious Land (1) Fine Tune (2). 
Day’s best: Stormy Atlantic (3-1).

Winter Renaissance, who will make his debut at the Pune Race Course, is blazing the track during the morning workouts. He may face some stiff opposition from B Fifty Two, with A. Sandesh astride, who is a well-experienced champion jockey. All the horses in the Eve Champion Trophy (Grade 3) will be racing on the monsoon track for the first time over a distance of 2000M. The trophy is a (Grade 3) (Terms, Indian Horses, 4 years old and over. 

Three good bets are Hammer Smith (1-6), Art Deco (4-2) and Vistana (6-6).


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