Sanat, Eesha get top billings

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Sunday, 19 August 2018

The tournament will witness 573 players in action

Pune: Sanat Bokil and Eesha Joshi got top billings in men’s and women’s categories respectively in the Dr Pramod Mulay Memorial Pune District Ranking Table Tennis Championship, which will commence at PYC Gymkhana from August 20.

The tournament will witness 573 players in action. Along with men’s and women’s categories, entries are registered for Under-21, 18, 15, 12 and 10 in boys and girls categories respectively.

The winners, runners-up, semi-finalists and quarter-finalists will be given cash awards along with trophies. The total prize money is Rs 80,000.

“All the matches will start from afternoon session as players can attend their school first and then come for the tournament. We have divided the format in such a way that there will be at least two finals every day,” said table tennis coach Upendra Muley.

Seeding List:
Men: 1. Sanat Bokil, 2. Vaibhav Dahibhate, 3. Shaunak Shinde, 4. Rishabh Sawant, 5. Suyog Patil.
Boys: Under-21: 1. Sanat Bokil, 2. Shaunak Shinde, 3. Shriyash Bhosale, 4. Arush Galpalli, 5. Karan Kukreja.
Under-18: 1. Shaunak Shinde, 2. Arush Galpalli, 3. Karan Kukreja, 4. Shriyash Bhosale, 5. Adarsh Gopal. 
Under-15: 1. Archan Apte, 2. Neil Mulye, 3. Anaiy Kovelamudi, 4. Aadi Frank Agarwal,  5. Aditya Jori
Under-12: 1. Neil Mulye, 2. Vedang Joshi, 3. Advait Dhavale, 4. Kumar Kulkarni, 5. Nandish Patle.
Under-10: 1. Swaroop Bhadalkar, 2. Abhiraj Sakpal, 3. Aditya Samant, 4. Ramanuj Jadhav, 5. Kshitij Joshi.
Women: 1. Eesha Joshi, 2. Saloni Shah, 3. Shruti Gabhane, 4. Fouzia Meherally, 5. Shubhada Chondekar
Girls: Under-21: 1. Eesha Joshi, 2. Mrunmayee Raikhelkar, 3. Pritha Vartikar, 4. Saloni Shah,  5. Ankita Patwardhan.
Under-18: 1. Pritha Vartikar, 2. Swapnali Narale, 3. Mrunmayee Raikhelkar, 4. Preet Gadhave,  5.Aneeha D’souza.
Under-15: 1. Aneeha D’souza, 2. Pritha Vartikar, 3. Mrunmayee Raikhelkar, 4. Mayuri Thombre, 5. Radhika Sapkal.
Under-12: 1. Devyani Kulkarni, 2. Anandita Lunavat, 3. Radhika Sakpal, 4. Sakshi Pawar, 5. Nabha Kirkole.
Under-10: 1. Nabha Kirkole, 2. Ruchita Darwatkar, 3. Tanaya Abhyankar, 4. Naisha Rewaskar.


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