Noah back to where it began last season

 Kirti Patil
Sunday, 15 April 2018

Besides the usual showstoppers in the foreign expert class, the Round 2 of the National Supercross championship will see riders as young as eight-year-olds taking to the track in 50cc bikes as supercross takes to new horizons in 2018

Fatorda: National champion Harith Noah is eager to get going after the much needed rest and is excited to be back in Goa, the place where his return to supercross began last year.

It was in Margao in the season-opener last April when Noah struck the raw nerve by winning the round before going on to build massive lead before finally winning the title.

So as supercross heads towards becoming more inclusive that ever before, the 19th MRF MoGrip-FMSCI National Supercross championship will see a unique innovation with as young riders as eight-year-olds will compete for a totally new junior category.

After the season-opener in Kochi in January, the supercross extravaganza is now set to enthrall riding enthusiast in Fatorda near Margao with the organizers receiving as many as 120 entries in different classes.

“We were already riding two junior classes since the start of this season and now we have added non-geared 50cc class from Round 2 as there was demand from the Goa Mottocross Sports Club, which is hosting this round in Fatorda,” informed Shyam Kothari, the Director of Godspeed Racing, the promoters of National Supercross.

“There was genuine demand and many wanted us to open up the championship for the non-geared bikes, which is a good sign for the sport,” said Kothari, himself 7-time National motocross champion, who has held the rights of organizing this championship for over a decade now.

Goa’s Abhimanyu Bose will be the key rider to watch in this non-geared class on Sunday morning as the youngsters will vroom on the same course as the top riders will take.

An 800-metre track lined up with the crucial joker lane has been made ready. There is one big table top, one cut table top and 20 double jumps that makes the layout exciting.

Noah, Natraj back in fray
The 2017 champion Harith Noah, who opened this season by winning the first round at home in Kochi in January, will be the key rider to look out for. 

The Team TVS Racing rider has been at his best on TVS RTR300, will find Angata Racing riders Mahesh VM and CD Jinan, both from Thrissur, will be his top challengers besides his teammates Abdul Waheeb Tanweer and Rugved Barguje of Pune.

In other classes, the 2017 Desert Storm champion R Natraj, his TVS Racing teammates Rajendra RE and M Kalimohan make the contest heavily tilted on the side of the champion team.

But with Angata Racing and Mumbai’s Ajmera Racing entering the field this year as teams, besides several privateers, the championship has become all the more interesting to 
watch out for.

Yuvraj lands from US
Pune youngster and defending Junior champion Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh has taken a special break from his 4-month-long training in the United States for this Goa round.

Kondedeshmukh has done well at the Pala Raceway winning a few podiums and as he arrived for Round 2 in Goa, he remains the top contender in his class, which will also have Satara’s Ikshaan Shanbhag and Pune’s Sarthak Chavan, now riding for Angata Racing, in the fray.

Overall points position after first round
Top 5:
Class 1 SX1 Foreign Expert Class Group A: 1. Harith Noah (TVS Racing, TVS RTR300) 40; 2. Abdul Waheed Tanweer (TVS Racing, TVS RTR300) 27; 3. Prithvi Singh (Chandigarh, Kawasaki KX250F) 26; 4. Rugved Barguje (TVS Racing, TVS RTR300) 24; 5. CD Jinan (Angata Racing, Kawasaki KX250F) 22.
Class 2 Novice Group C: 1. M Kalimohan (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 20; 2. Murali CP (Ernakulam, Hero Impulse) 17; 3. Ankush Rao (Goa, Hero Impulse) 15; 4. Stephan Raj (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 13; 5. Rajendra RE (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 11.
Class 3 Junior SX1 Group A/B/C/D: 1. Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh (Ajmera Racing, KTM SX85) 20; 2. Karan Karle (Pune, Honda CRF150) 17; 3. Sarthak Chavan (Angata Racing, Kawasaki KX 100) 15; 4. Ikshan Shanbhag (Satara, KTM SX85) 12; 5. Shlok Ghorpade (Satara, KTM SX85).
Class 5 Indian Experts Group C: 1. R Natraj (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 20, 2. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 17; 3. M Kalimohan (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 15; 4. Sachin D (Bengaluru, Hero Impulse) 13; 5. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 11.
Class 6 Private Experts Group C: 1. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 20; 2. Sachin D (Bengaluru, Hero Impulse) 17; 3. Stephan Raj (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 15; 4. Vishnu Sachin Jith (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 13; 5. Shardul Sharma (Dehra Dun, Hero Impulse) 11.
Class 7 SX2 Group A: 1. Mahesh VM (Angata Racing, Kawasaki KX250) 35; 2. Sajith ES (Thrissur, Kawasaki KX250) (20, 15) 35; 3.Sarath Mohan (Kerala, Kawasaki KX250) (11, 17) 28; 4. Prithvi Singh (Chandigarh, Kawasaki KX250) (17, 10) 27; 5. MS Prince (Delhi, Yamaha YZ250) (10, 13) 23.
Class 8 Junior SX2 Group A/B/C/D: 1. Sarthak Chavan (Angata Racing, Kawasaki KX 100) 18; 2. Jinendra Sangaye (Kolhapur, KTM SX) 16; 3. Ikshan Shanbhag (Satara, KTM SX85) 15; 4. Raheesh Khatri (Mumbai, KTM SX65) 12; 5 Chiranth V (Bengaluru, KTM SX85) 11.

There was genuine demand and many wanted us to open up the championship for the non-geared bikes, which is a good sign for the 
—Shyam Kothari 
(Director, Godspeed Racing) 

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