No sign of ending Bangalore Race Club impasse

Sports Reporter
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Those who are hard hit are the 800 odd daily wage workers of BTC.

Pune: The impasse in Bangalore Race Club over the issue of license has entered 11th day with the Chief Minsiter of Karnataka, S Siddaramaiah, putting his foot down to increase the number of members before the license of the club would be renewed.

The issue is increasing the membership of BTC from the current 350 to 500 with 50 going to government nominees, is the bone of contention. This is possible only if the majority of the members approves a resolution recommending the same.

After the GST regime came into force, the taxes BTC had to pay to the government for July and August is close to Rs 90 crores. Half of this goes to the state government. More than that BTC pays a daily sum of Rs 60,000 to the state government to conduct on and off course betting, which means government stands to lose if the impasse continues.

Those who are hard hit are the 800 odd daily wage workers of BTC. They come to BTC to work for a paltry sum of Rs 300 to 500 per day. 

The tug of war between the members of BTC for power had turned the matters to worse. Furthermore, there is no sympathy for BTC in the minds of racing public, which is adding to the impasse.

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