Mhalaskar gets ‘Strongman’ award

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Men: 83-kg: 1. Rohit Dimble (Soman’s) 565-kg, 2. Aakash Bondre (Maharashtra SC) 532.5-kg, 3. Krishna Thapa (Soman’s) 440-kg.
93-kg: 1. Gaurav Ghule (Fisher Club) 645-kg, 2. Dheeraj Nagane (Soman’s) 535-kg, 3. Swapnil Borade (Soman’s) 490-kg.
105-kg: 1. Bharat Amrale 542.5-kg, 2. Pranav Jagtap 350.
120-kg: 1. Akshay Balkawade 677-kg.
Sub-junior boys: 66-kg: 1. Taufik Khan 312-kg, 2. Siddhesh Kajolkar 287.5.
74-kg: 1. Rahul Shinde 450-kg, 2. Indranil Wagh 287.5-kg, 3. Raj Pardeshi 195-kg.

PUNE: Kundan Shishupal, Manoj Mhalaskar and Akshay Balkawde put up a great show to win gold medals in their respective weight classes, in the District-Level Powerlifting championship at the NMV Prashala here on Monday.

Among the three, however, Manoj Mhalaskar excelled in all respects to be adjudged “Strongman’ of the championship, being organized by the Soman’s Health Club under the aegis of the Pune District Amateur Powerlifting Association.

Competing in the 66-kg class, Mhalaskar of Maharashtra Sports Club lifted 220-kg in squat,122.5-kg in bench-press and 260-kg in dead-lift for a total of 602.5-kg. His humongous effort was unmatched by all counts as the silver medal winner, Ajinkya Joshi of Soman’s Health Club managed a total of 420-kg, lifting 190-kg in squat, 110-kg in bench-press and 120-kg in dead-lift.

Maharashtra Sports Club lifters clearly dominated the scene as Kundan Shishupal too won the gold medal as his teammate Mhalaskar.

In the 59-kg weight category, Shishupal lifted a total weights of 327.5-kg with 112.5-kg in squat, 65-kg in bench-press and 150-kg in dead-lift.

Aleem Shaikh of Azam Sports Club won silver medal after he lifted 70-kg in squat, 50-kg in bench-press and 125-kg in dead-lift. His total lift of 245 was way below the first-placed Shishupal.

Vikas Dumre of Power House won the 74-kg gold medal after lifting a total of 645-kg in the three disciplines. Khalil Ansari of Fisher Club settled for silver medal with a total of 612.5-kg and Mandar Bhurke of Soman’s Health Club won bronze medal by lifting a total of 487.5-kg.

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