Indian boys score shock win over China

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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Tanishka Deshpande wins 3 matches as Indian girls make strong statement on Day 2 of World School Team Badminton Championship.

Pune: Indian boys team comprising Rituporna Bora, Paras Mathur, Tharun Mannepalli and Varun Trikha put together their best show to shock all-conquering China as India ‘A’ won 4-1 in the Selected Boys Group 1 league match in the ISF World School Badminton Championship at the Balewadi Sports Complex on Saturday.

The Indian pair of Rituporna and Paras gave a morale boosting opening with 21-15, 21-12 decimation of Zhi Ding and Jiajun Liu before Tharun Mannepalli and Varun Trikha made it 2-0 lead which laid the foundation for further success.

India ‘A’ then blanked Brazil 5-0 on an extremely fruitful day for the hosts’ boys. On the girls side, Tanishka Deshpande worked her way to score three wins in the Selected Girls matches as India ‘B’ team registered mixed results.

In the first match of the day, India ‘B’ team lost to France 1-4, but it was Tanishka’s singles win over Sharone Bauer that grabbed attention. The Indian won 21-10, 21-23, 21-18.
“I like to play offensive game, which I generally keep intact in all the matches, but sometimes if I have to change my strategy according to player then I don’t mind in doing it,” is how Tanishka expressed her thoughts after her win.

“My team was 2-0 down (against France) and I wanted to win to give my team a chance of winning the tie. Every match adds points for your team which is useful at the end of the league stage. So it is good to win as many matches you can,” said Tanishka who has a collection of 3 team gold medals from last three School Games.

“Before the England tie, we made plans and then my teammates scored victory in first doubles. And in the second doubles contest our team was stronger than England team so it turned out to be an easy game.”

Tanishka continued her good run and scored her third win of the day defeating Angelina Wong 21-5, 21-11.   
“It was an easy game and I wanted to release pressure from team by winning the singles match and I did it.”

Selected Boys (Group 1):
India ‘A’ beat China 4-1: Rituporna Bora and Paras Mathur bt Zhi Ding and Jiajun Liu 21-15, 21-12; Tharun Mannepalli and Varun Trikha bt Yufeng Cao and Haoyin Wang 21-19, 21-18; Tharun bt Zhi Ding 21-12, 21-15;  Varun lost to Yufeng Cao 21-15, 18-21, 19-21; Monimugdha bt Haoyin Wang 21-16, 21-11.
Chinese Taipei bt India ‘B’ 5-0: Ssu Wei Hou and Po Wei Su bt Arjun Rehani and Aniruddhsinh Vikramsinh 21-8, 21-9; Ching Sheng Chang and Chen Yu Sun bt Aaryaman Goyal and Anish Chandra Jojula 21-9, 21-11; Cheng En Wu bt Arjun 21-18, 21-13; Chen Yu Sun bt Anish 21-17, 21-19; Ching Sheng Chang bt Gautam 18-21, 21-17, 21-15.
India ‘A’ beat Brazil 5-0: Varun and Tharun bt Vinicius Alurim and Isak Batalha 21-14, 21-19; Paras and Rituporna bt Rafael Faria and William Guimaraes 21-18, 22-20; Tharun bt William 21-10, 21-17; Varun bt Isak 21-14, 21-10; Monimugdha bt Vinicius 11-21, 21-15, 21-16.
India ‘B’ beat United Arab Emirates 5-0: Arjun Rehani and Aniruddhsinh Vikramsinh bt Saeed Mustafa and Mohammad Falamarzi 21-8, 21-10; Gautam and Anish bt Saoud Almazrouei and Abdalla Almazrouei 21-4, 21-2; Gautam bt Omar Mustafa 21-5, 21-3; Anish bt Saeed Mustafa 21-5, 21-5; Aaryaman bt Saoud Almazrouei 21-1, 21-5;
Selected Girls (Group 1):
France beat India ‘B’ 4-1: Ainoa Desmons and Juliette Moinard bt Tanishka Deshpande and Varsha Venkitesh 21-13, 21-11; Marig Brouxel  and Charlotte Ganci bt Vennela Sree Kokkanti and Anisha Wase 21-14, 21-10; Sharone Bauer lost to Tanishka 10-21, 23-21, 18-21; Juliette Moinard bt Anisha Wase 21-17, 23-21; Ainoa Desmons bt Varsha 21-10, 21-18.
Group 2:
India ‘A’ beat United Arab Emirates 5-0: Nikita and Chimran Kalita bt Roudha Saeed Alhajeri and Sara Ali Almehairi 21-6, 21-2; Sivapriya Kalaiyarasi M and Anjana Kumari beat Maryam Abdulaziz and Maitha Almazrouei 21-4, 21-3; Chimran bt Sara Almehairi 21-7, 21-2; Prerana Alvekar bt Roudha Alhajeri 21-1, 21-4; Nikita bt Maitha Almazrouei 21-1, 21-4.
Chinese Taipei beat India ‘A’ 5-0: En Tzu Hung and Hsin Pei Tsai bt Nikita and Chimran Kalita 21-5, 21-12; Yu Pei Cheng and Chia Wei Liang bt Sivapriya and Anjana 21-17, 21-12; Sih Yun Lin bt Chimran 21-10, 18-21, 21-10; En Tzu Hung bt Prerana 21-9, 21-3; Hsin Pei Tsai bt Nikita 16-21, 21-8, 21-10.
India ‘B’ bt England 4-1: Vennela and Anisha bt Megan and Leah 21-15, 21-11; Tanishka and Varsha bt Angelina Wong and Natasha 21-9, 14-21, 21-13; Tanishka bt Angelina 21-15, 21-11; Varsha bt Leah 21-10, 21-13; Anisha lost to Natasha 21-18, 13-21, 15-21.

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