Ghorpadi Sports Complex in sorry state

Sanjay Jadhav
Sunday, 2 July 2017

At a time when Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has inspired many, the  conditions at the PMC Sports Complex are in a sorry state.

Pune:  Leave aside making space available for sports activities, the PMC Sports Complex in Shravastinagar, Ghorpadi, presents a jaw-dropping look with garbage strewn all over that makes it unbearable for the residents to use the facility that municipal corporation created for them.

“Sports activities hardly happen here as most of the times the Complex is booked for marriages, birthday parties and other cultural events and even drinks parties,” a Ghorpadi resident, told Sakal Times on the condition of anonymity.

At a time when Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has inspired many, the  conditions at the PMC Sports Complex are in a sorry state.

The sports complex houses a swimming pool, a ground and a meditation hall.  The ground is being  used for marriage functions, birthdays, religious events and liquor parties by locals without taking the necessary permission from the Pune Muncipal Corporation (PMC).

Moreover, after the ground is used, the trash which include liquor bottles, leftover food, plates and other things, is thrown on the ground and is seldom cleaned. Even the authorities turn a blind eye to this and never turn up to clean the place.

The meditation hall in the premise, which has been leased to OSR Sportsworks Consulting LLP that runs the Krumur Sports Science Centre has been at the receiving end of the mess.

After every function, which takes place on the ground just next to the building, the authorities of Krumur take it on themselves and clean the place.

There are a lot of people who go there for their daily workouts and the sight of garbage and the stench is a big turn-off.

Subedar Raja Manickam, the Administrative officer of Krumur says “We conduct sports trainings and rehabilitation. We are here from one year and have leased this property for five years.  After every function, the thrash is left unattended. We ourselves have to clean the place. We even met the local corporator Mangla Mantri, who just made promises and nothing was done. This is a playground and children should come and play on it.”

“The PMC has appointed a security guard who sits only at the swimming pool. When questioned he gives reasons of people threatening him. People come here and consume liquor and later vomit. Strict action has to be taken on this,” added Manickam.

An official from the Bhoomi and Zindagi Department of the PMC under whose jurisdiction the Ghorpadi area falls, wished for anonymity and admitted that events take place at the complex illegally. “There is no permission for anyone to use the ground for any other event than sports. People take the help of local politicians and use the ground,” he said.


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