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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Suzuki’s new GSX-S750 looks and performs like the bigger GSX-S1000, and overall, is a fine package.

Suzuki’s new GSX-S750 is a middleweight naked bike with a sporty touch. One of the most popular offerings in various markets in the world, the GSX-S750 seems to have a good part of styling inspired by that of the bigger GSX-S1000. Park the two side by side, and they don’t look very different.

The head lamp of the GSX-S750 looks so much similar to that of the GSX-S1000. The ‘fangs of a wild beast’ double up as position lamps adjoining the head lamp. With an aggressive yet street friendly stance, the GSX-S750 does possess a mass-heavy front. If the sides provide a fair glimpse of the engine and the engine case, albeit with the nicely sculpted 16-litre tank in view, the bike sports a sharp tail section. It is nicely complemented by a brake lamp. The seat is spacious. The flat bar tapers towards the edges, making for a reasonable riding position.

Performs well
The LCD instrument panel, identical to that of the GSX-S1000, is easy to read. Adding to the sharp looks, the riding position of the GSX-S750 is similar to that of the GSX-S1000 though not quite the same. The four-cylinder 114bhp 749cc liquid-cooled engine borrowed from the GSX-R750, albeit with more power to offer, performs well. Like in-line four cylinder engines, the high tractability supports a ride in higher gear at lower speeds. Rev the engine, and a strong pull exerts itself past 6000rpm. Tapering off close to redline, the performance of the GSX-S750 is exciting. The best part is how the bike pulls away, and after an amount of throttle travel. While the six-speed transmission does a good job of exploiting the throw of power with the shifts being precise and smooth, it also produces a pleasant snarl.

Easy start button
With speeds upwards of 200kmph attained with ease, provided a substantially long stretch of road is available, the GSX-S750 is not so much about getting the front wheel to lift as much as it is to ride with much elan. But some vibes can be felt at the bar and the foot pegs post 6000rpm. With a throttle response that is not as abrupt as the GSX-S1000, the GSX-S750 feels friendly. The absence of a slipper clutch is made up by ‘low RPM assist’, which prevents the revs from dropping too low when the clutch is released from a standstill. This reduces the chances of stalling the bike. The Suzuki ‘Easy Start’ is yet another interesting feature that needs the rider to press the starter button just once.

Feels agile 
The three-mode advanced traction control is a standard offering. Traction control adjustments can be done on-the-fly through a mode rocker and select switch located on the left. The changes reflect on the digital instrument panel. The brand new chassis of the GSX-S750 has pre-load adjustable suspension at either end. The front includes 41 mm KYB inverted forks. The rear gets a new tapper-type swing arm and a recalibrated shock absorber. There is a firm edge to the ride, but the bike feels quite agile. Exerting a nice weight balance, the GSX-S750 inspires confidence when tackling corners, but may not be as agile as some of its competitors.

The twin 310mm dia rotors at front and a 240mm dia rotor at the rear allow the bike to shed speed quickly. The intrusion of ABS is minimal. The way the GSX-S750 goes about its job, it becomes hard to decide what is special about this bike.  A fine package overall that is priced at Rs 7.45 lakhs ex-showroom, Delhi, the GSX-S750 makes very good value.  

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