Embassy International Riding  School breeds Arabian foal

Kirti Patil
Sunday, 21 April 2019

Achievement is a first in India; May translate into better Equestrian performance

Pune: India last saw Arabian horses some seven decades ago--a lull that was broken by the concerted efforts of the Embassy International Riding School, which recently became first to breed Arabian foal who was aptly named Valentina for it was born on the Valentines Day.

“The last Arabian horses in India were seen way back in the 1950’s and we are happy that our school near Bengaluru has been able to achieve the feat of breeding Arabian horse here,” spokesperson of the Embassy International Riding School told Sakal Times in an interview. 

The school has been in forefront of providing trained horses for cross-country and equestrian events.

Valentina’s mother is an Arabian mare Capinera Alfabia from a very reputed stud farm in Italy.

Capinera Alfabia was mated with a top Italian champion Jakhal Alfabia.

Why Arabian horses

  • Arabian horses are known to have strong hooves that help them withstand the desert sand. Their extraordinary stamina is the most important physical characteristic of the breed. They are capable of using oxygen more efficiently and sustaining great speed over long distances.
  • These valuable traits make the Arabian horse a supreme equine and unbeatable in popular international sport of endurance racing.
  • Arabian horses are easy, sensitive and have a fiery temperament which makes them easier to train. A strong affinity for humans is another unique feature cited by riders which makes them the most favorable equine breed.
  • At Embassy International Riding School, ‘Valentina’ will participate in Horse shows and Cross-country events due its incredible endurance.

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