Youths can be self-employed by entrepreneurship: Chavan

ST Correspondent
Thursday, 31 May 2018

RS MP Vandana Chavan speaks at the three-day YIN Summer Youth Summit

Pune: While addressing the youths gathered from across the State for the Young Inspirators Network (YIN) Summer Youth Summit, MP Vandana Chavan on Wednesday said India is one of the youngest countries in the world. But the youths need to look for alternatives and innovation to realise the demographic dividend. The three-day summit concluded on Wednesday.

The Nationalist Congress Party leader said, “Indian youths have tremendous potential but they have to come to terms with the changing reality. The youths today are looking for employment in traditional occupations. Most of the requests that we receive from youngsters are regarding employment in a government office. But I want to tell you that you should not rely on jobs as the market is changing. The youths should adapt and become self-employed through entrepreneurship and innovation.”

“While one looks at the future, one should also understand the risks of climate change and environment. That is one of the major risks before us,” said Chavan. “The new innovation and entrepreneurial focus should also be towards solving these problems related to the existence of humanity,” she further added.

MLA Laxman Jagtap, who was also present for the ceremony, said that growth can be achieved if one embraces adaptability. “While it is important to get primary education, it is also crucial to have street smartness and adaptability,” Jagtap said, adding, ”We need to keep adapting to conditions and have the courage to take risks. Youngsters should see that hard work can get them ahead in life.”

Personalities like Urmila Patil, Dean Administration for DY Patil University and Tejas Gujarati addressed the students at the event followed by cultural and entertaining sessions. The young delegates left the hall inspired and with tremendous motivation.

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