Youth forges PMO letter for admission in Bishop’s school in Pune

ST Correspondent
Friday, 18 May 2018

The police said two more persons along with the accused were booked for forgery and under other relevant sections of IPC.

Pune: Beware of tricksters who promise to get your wards admitted to high profile schools using their connections or else you may land in legal problems. A 21-year-old youth was arrested by Yerawada police on Wednesday for forging a recommendation letter of Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to get admissions for two students in Bishop’s Co-ed School at Kalyani Nagar.

The accused was identified as Pranav Choudhary, a resident of Somwar Peth. Choudhary posed as Pranav Bhiku Edaate and forged a recommendation letter in the name of the PMO as well as Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), though the latter was not used.

One of the forged recommendations produced by him in the school was on the letter head of Debashri Mukherjee, Joint Secretary, PMO, New Delhi which also has the stamp of the office. The other recommendation letter was in the name of one “Bhiku Ramji Edaate, President and Chairman of Indian brand Ambassador of NCDNT with the status of Cabinet Minister and Jurisdiction Member of Defence and Higher Planning Committee of Government of India, New Delhi.”

However, the school authorities sensed foul play and contacted the PMO to verify the letters. The PMO officials stated they haven’t written any letter of recommendation for VVIP quota admissions in the school. So Bishop’s School authorities informed the police. 

It is significant that no transaction of money took place between the accused and the parents of the two children. Ravindra Gavari, Police Sub-Inspector, Yerawada police station, said, “The accused forged the letters of PMO and informed us that everything, even stamp was available on the Internet. He made such letters in the name of PMO and CMO officials. More will be revealed during investigation. We also questioned the parents and they said they didn’t have any idea that the letter was fake.”

Gavari said the parents of the two students came in contact with Choudhary in the month of March when he overheard them   discussing the problems associated with school admissions in a hotel. He lured them into his trap by showing photographs of him with high profile people and promised to get admissions for their wards under VVIP quota in Class III and KG. 

The police said two more persons along with the accused were booked for forgery and under other relevant sections of IPC.

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