Yoga experts to be preferred for physiotherapy courses: UGC

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The course will be an added advantage for yoga trainers, especially during their practice.

PUNE: Now, yoga professionals will get an additional advantage to take admission in physiotherapy course. As per the University Grants Commission (UGC) notification, all universities and affiliated colleges must give preference to yoga expertise for admission in physiotherapy courses. 

UGC also had constituted an expert committee to examine the possibility of giving suitable preference in admission to graduate courses in physiotherapy to those candidates having the requisite expertise in yoga. The committee has recommended the following condition which has been approved by the UGC and Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). According to the notification, “A candidate having at least one-year diploma in yoga may be given preference in admission, subject to the condition that marks secured in the entrance examination and other eligibility conditions are same to a candidate with similar credentials but not having said expertise in yoga.”

However, city yoga experts are divided over it. According to Dr Vaishali Lodha, an Ayurvedic consultant and yoga instructor, said, “Firstly, yoga and physiotherapy are two different techniques, one is the spiritual basis which works on the healing of entire body while other is used to heal disability or discomfort. Moreover, not many yoga trainers would want to pursue physiotherapy. Secondly, students who aspire to undertake physiotherapy will be at the disadvantage because their competitor got a preference in admission for his knowledge in yoga. This will create a difference in the system.”

While, Rachana Dass, a city-based yoga trainer, feels that physiotherapy will add to a yoga trainer’s knowledge and enable to treat emergency carefully. “Most of the exercises in physiotherapy have been derived from yoga. Physiotherapists have better knowledge of human anatomy as they have studied it thoroughly, because of which they know work of every muscle and how it can be relaxed etc. Therefore, the course will be an added advantage for yoga trainers, especially during their practice. If a student gets injured while performing any yoga form, it can be treated immediately like doctors do,” said Dass.

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