Women bikers to embark on trip to London

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Expedition will be carried out by India’s pioneering group of women motorcyclists, ‘The Bikerni’

PUNE: For the first time, a group of women from India will cross borders of different countries on bikes to reach London. The expedition will be carried out by India’s pioneering group of women motorcyclists ‘The Bikerni’, which has carried out various daring expeditions in the country.

Started in 2011, now it has more than 16,000 members across India. For the expedition, the group will embark on a global trip of 19,000 kms from Mumbai to London starting from April 2019 to June 2019. Fourteen women riders from the group will participate in the expedition and after the expedition, they will come up with a book to inspire other women to take up such expeditions.

While talking about it in a press conference, Pooja Patil, a member of the group who will take part in the expedition, said, “The aim of the expedition is to spread the message on women’s empowerment. We will cross 16 countries including India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom along with 15 borders. The expedition will take 61 days to complete and we will cover 18,121 km. The return journey will be by flight and after the successful expedition, we will publish a book about our experience so that other women will get an inspiration.”

Vaibahava Rede, who is participating in the expedition, said, “We have applied for the permit to cross borders of the countries to the External Affairs Minister. Also, for back up, two cars will accompany us. Also, there will be a videographer and photographer who will shoot our journey.

The women riders will welcome us and host several events with us,” said Rede.  

Ranjeet Kaur, another women rider participating in the expedition and member of the group, said, “For safety and security measures, the local police and government authorities will help us. Also, we will ride only during the day to avoid accidents.”

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