Women’s Party launched, demands 50% reservation

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

36-year-old doctor from Telangana launched a women-only party in Mumbai, on Monday. 

Mumbai: A 36-year-old doctor from Telangana launched a women-only party in Mumbai, on Monday. 

Dr Shweta Shetty was inspired by the decades old National Women’s Party in the United States and launched her own National Women’s Party (NWP) to contest elections in the country. NWP will contest in 24 seats out of the 48 in Maharashtra.

“The party is to fight for issues like reservation for women in Parliament and harassment of women at workplace. So the demand is women should get 50 per cent reservation in Lok Sabha,” said Shetty.  
She said the main mission of the party will be to ensure reservation in Lok Sabha. At present, women comprise 11 per cent of the total strength of the Parliament. The NWP claims to have the support of 1.45 lakh women from across the country.

Shetty, while working with an NGO in Telangana, worked upon the idea of starting a mass movement and thus the party was born. “I wanted to make a national movement. To serve the original purpose, women need higher commitment from the governing body. We need higher participation in Parliament to amend the laws for women’s welfare and progress,” she added.

Shetty appealed to women in the State to join the party to be able to collectively rake up the issues.

Talking about future plans, NWP plans to launch a mobile app called Mahila Rakshak (Safety App), which aims at giving women assistance in times of emergency. The user, when in danger, should shake the phone or say ‘HELP’ multiple times which in turn sends SMS alert to friends and relatives. “Women’s safety is of utmost importance considering the rise in cases of crimes in the recent times. Through these initiatives, I strongly wish that every girl should be able to live a wholesome life and step out of home without any danger,” she added.

NWP plans to open Youth Parliament in every state.

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