Wagholi residents file petition demanding basic amenities

Tanaji Khot
Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Wagholi Housing Societies Association (WHSA) has launched an online petition addressing Fadanvis raising the issues of one of the fastest growing suburbs of Pune

Pune: Disappointed with the local authorities' negligence about the civic issues pertaining to Wagholi, residents of the area have decided to seek the attention of Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis.

The Wagholi Housing Societies Association (WHSA) has launched an online petition addressing Fadanvis raising the issues of one of the fastest growing suburbs of Pune. The area is currently not part of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). It is governed by the Wagholi gram panchayat. Since the area is within the jurisdiction of the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA), the residents have demanded that the authorities should stop giving permission for new constructions till the area gets adequate civic amenities.

The online petition launched by the WHSA stated that construction of housing societies, big factories, warehouses is in full swing in the area. The speed with which new constructions are being permitted by the authorities and people moving in, the infrastructure of the area should have drastically changed too, to match the requirements of the growing population. However, the infrastructure remains the same as it was 10-15 years ago.

The petition stated that the area is lacking basic facilities including proper roads, water supply, proper garbage collection disposal and drainage system. Besides, the area is facing daily load-shedding. The number of crimes is growing in the absence of police patrolling. The traffic scenario is worst as there are no traffic signals, street lights or speed breakers on roads.

The petition has listed some civic issues such as the absence of working traffic signals at all crossings on the road connecting Kharadi and Wagholi. There is no presence of police on the entire stretch to prevent nuisance. A large number of heavy vehicles are parked on roadside restricting free traffic movement. Many vehicles ply from the wrong side. Garbage is dumped at many places. Large-scale encroachments by shops, showrooms and warehouses impact-free movement. Illegal hoardings are installed on both sides of the road. Roads in the locality are pothole-ridden. They become dangerous at night as there are no street lights.

Demands of residents

  • Build the proposed 7-km flyover from Khandvenagar to BJS College covering the entire Wagholi stretch segregating local traffic from the state highway number 27 traffic
  • Either create a new municipal body for Wagholi and nearby villages or merge it into PMC
  • Wagholi GP should accept registration of societies unconditionally in the interim. Basic amenities like water, garbage collection, roads, street lights should be provided to all societies
  • PMRDA should not permit further constructions in the area till existing societies are provided basic amenities
  • A dedicated MSEB sub-station for Wagholi area reducing regular power interruptions in the feeder, Lonikand sub-station and long lines
  • Encroachment removal from both sides of Ahmednagar road from Kharadi leading to Wagholi. Make traffic signals working on all crossings and remove illegal punctures in the median
  • Provide regular police patrolling in the area during day and night and a local police station for Wagholi
  • A public-private partnership model of development of the area as per need and requirements and not on the basis of what earns the authorities more



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