WAC warns workers over pension scheme 

ST Correspondent
Friday, 15 February 2019

Committee asks them not to get trapped in budget promises

Pune: Workers’ Action Committee (WAC) has asked the labourers and workers of unorganised sectors not to get trapped in the sugar-coated promises, regarding Pension scheme for the unorganised sector in the Union Budget.
Ajit Abhyankar, President of Centre of Indian Trade Union and Convener of Workers Action Committee, Pune district, said, “This budget had particular schemes in the name of unorganised workers and the peasants which are announced by the government are absolutely fraudulent and deceptive in nature. We are saying fraudulent for very specific and concrete reasons. Firstly, the pension scheme is to be given to the workers crossing 60 years of age from the unorganised sector having the wage below Rs 15,000 per month can take that scheme.”

“Secondly, a worker from the unorganised sector is supposed to contribute Rs 100 per month for 30 years with an understanding that the government also contributes an equal amount towards the pension. But when the worker stops paying the amount or s/he is dead the amount is not returned to his/her family but directly goes to the government,” Abhyankar added.
Abhyankar further said, “We are just appealing the workers to not be a victim of this scheme.”

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