Union min Javadekar slams Cong

Sakal Times
Monday, 30 October 2017

Congress has decided to protest against the celebration of ‘Anti-Black Money Day’ on November 8

Pune: Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, on Sunday, criticised Congress for protesting the celebration of Anti-Black Money Day on November 8. The government has declared November 8 to be celebrated as the ‘Anti-Black Money Day’ to mark the first anniversary of demonetisation.

“Last year, on November 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the historical decision of demonetisaion, which proved to be a major step in the fight against black money. Following this, the government made several policies in order to create an honest taxation system, bring about transparency in governance and divert more funds towards developmental goals and welfare of the disadvantaged sections of the society. It’s unfortunate that on the very same day, Congress has decided to protest, in a way supporting the black money culture instead,” Javadekar said.

Celebrating Nov 8
The Anti-Black Money Day would be celebrated with talks, panel discussions, digital literacy programmes, presentations, protest march, public awareness campaigns against black money.
Javadekar also emphasised that digitisation has actually worked for the betterment of people at different levels. “When Rajiv Gandhi was prime minister, if the poor were promised Rs 100, they would only get at the most Rs 50 in hand. However, with DBT portal, the poor and disadvantaged are actually getting the full amount of money promised to them. The government has successfully delivered the benefits of around 300 schemes directly to the accounts of their beneficiaries. This has, in turn, also saved around Rs 54,000 crore for the government,” he added.

SARAL issues
Speaking about the digitisation of education and the troubles faced by the teachers in the State while executing the procedures of schemes like SARAL, Javadekar said that the matters will certainly be looked into at the earliest and the procedures will be made hassle-free for the teachers.
While the SARAL database was highly criticised by the teachers in the State for its inefficiency, the Central government has now developed a new portal called ‘Shagun’, where the schools will have to fill in details like students’ information, academic and social activities by the school, etc.

“SARAL portal was developed by State government and Shagun is introduced by the Union government. However, if the data in both are found to be overlapping thus wasting teachers’ time, we would try to take steps to avoid that by linking the information in both the portals,” Javadekar added.

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