Unclaimed vehicles turned into biz

Tanaji Khot
Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Maval resident Ram Udawant traces owners of these vehicles, charges them a fee for his services

Pimpri: A large number of unclaimed vehicles in the city may be a headache for the police department, but it has turned into a business opportunity for the Ram Udawant resident of Parandawadi Village in Maval Taluka.  

Udawant has explored the opportunity in it and is working on tracing the owners of these vehicles. After finding these vehicles, he charges his fees. He has given jobs to 9 people in his firm, which works towards tracing these vehicles.

Since last two years, Gangamata Vahan Shodh Sanstha, which was started by Udawant, has helped 3,700 owners of lost vehicles in getting back their vehicles.

Unlike any other business, Udawant has to take an extra risk as there is no guarantee of getting money from the owners even if they get their lost vehicles back. Since they assume that he is from the police department, they think that he is not doing any favour to them.

Udawant, who runs a small two-wheeler garage in the village, said, “I used to visit the police station to meet a friend who was in the police. I came across the huge row of unclaimed vehicles there. When asked, I came to know that the police department has no manpower to find out the owners of these vehicles. These vehicles were either used in a crime or abandoned on a road by vehicle thieves. Since some vehicles were new, I felt it should be returned to the owners. So I begin to trace the owners with the help of RTO records.”

After initial success, he started a formal firm for tracing out owners of such vehicles with the consultation of police. According to him, after formation of the firm, visiting various police stations became his routine. With help of police, he noted down the chassis number of vehicles and found out the mailing address of the owners of the abandoned vehicles. His firm then sent a letter to the owner informing them that their vehicle has been traced. Once they come with their credentials, Udavant and his firm help these owners to clear formalities of handing over the vehicles to the respective owners.

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