Traders should inform customers about codes in details, say experts

Sunil Pradhan
Saturday, 23 June 2018

With the rise in the number of e-commerce websites, several companies are trying to acquire customers using various discount coupons. However, experts claim that these are just marketing strategies and users are hardly benefited. Sakal Times in the concluding part of this series explores various ways e-commerce websites are trying to target customers

Pune: Online shopping customers have frequently been targetted with several discount codes. Experts have stressed the need for customers to verify the codes to save themselves from major damage.

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Online shopping websites are using discount codes as one of the major marketing strategies to attract customers, however such codes can also harm customers. Many online shoppers have complained of fake codes, fraudulent codes, expired codes and other issues associated with discount codes and so experts have stated that customers should be smart and demand detailed information of such codes so they are not cheated. 

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Experts said each visitor attempting to use a discount code has a negative experience if they are trapped in such fake codes.

Cyber expert Anil Raj of Cybervault Securities Solutions Private Limited said that codes have always been a strategy to grab customer details. “We all are aware that we get calls from banks, telecom providers, insurance providers even though we have not shared our details with them. It simply implies that our personal information has been leaked from somewhere. Personal information is sold at a heavy price and so it is important for people to look for genuine codes and not fall prey to fake codes,” added Raj.

The cyber expert said that merchants should be checking the validity and authenticity of such codes on a timely basis or else customers will end up losing their time and might feel frustrated. “Though discount codes is a marketing strategy merchants must actively monitor their codes. Customers can also inform merchants about such fake codes and request removal of the codes,” added Raj.

Experts said that merchants can link a visitor’s personal information with his social media account, bank account, physical devices like mobile and laptop and can create his digital profile thereby tracking him on his browser or social media account which can be disturbing for the visitor.

Tips to keep yourself safe
- Delete browsing history
- Use paid browsers
- Check for authenticity of discount codes.

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