Tissue prevents spread of bacteria, say experts

ST Correspondent
Monday, 27 August 2018

Century Pulp & Paper to make people aware about usage of tissue

Pune: Taking the lead in spreading awareness about the importance of tissue paper in improving human hygiene, Century Pulp & Paper, a leading manufacturer of tissue and other papers, has decided to spread mass awareness in schools, colleges and other places on the usage of tissue papers. The per capita consumption of tissue in India is about 90 gm which is quite low compared to other countries and so raises concerns about the need to focus on tissue usage in the country.

Speaking about the importance of tissue, JP Narain, CEO, Century Pulp & Paper said that the global tissue paper market is showing a steady growth of CAGR 4 per cent. In India, as people are becoming more concerned about health and hygiene, the market is expected to grow at 15 per cent CAGR and by 2022  it will touch 2.50 lakh tonnes per annum. 

“There is a need of massive awareness about the importance of tissue papers. With very low consumption of tissue paper in India, there is a need to understand that tissue papers come with health benefits. Indian youngsters are health conscious and once they are made aware of the benefits of tissue paper they will start using it,” added Narain.

The CEO was speaking at the launch of a new range of tissue paper products at Hotel Hyatt Regency in Viman Nagar.

CEO Narain said a handkerchief carries a lot of germs as it is used multiple times and so tissue papers can be used to avoid spreading of germs. “Products like bathroom tissue, facial tissue and table napkins all play a critical role in our basic daily hygiene and slowly the Indian population is getting used to it. These products prevent the spread of dirt, germs, bacteria and disease,” said Narain.

Debojit Sengupta, General Manager of Sales at Century Pulp & Paper said that as per a study, tissue paper consumption is linked to life expectancy of people. “In the study, it was found that countries with high consumption of tissue paper have high life expectancy. Although life expectancy depends on many factors, usage of tissue paper helps in improved hygiene,” added Sengupta.

Alok Prakash, Chief Sales Officer of Century Pulp & Paper said that per capita consumption in the USA is 25 kg, China is 17 kg, Japan is 15 kg. “In India, the consumption is highest in Delhi, NCR region followed by western regions and then south,” added Alok.

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