Tata ClassEdge starts course in adolescence education

ST Correspondent
Monday, 13 August 2018

Introduced in association with iEsha , the content of each course is executed through discussions, activities, worksheets and videos.

Pune: Tata ClassEdge has introduced a new supplementary course on adolescence education for students from Std VIII to provide a safe environment for the children to ask and get answers to their questions. 

Sachin Torne, Chief Officer, Products and Services said, “During adolescence, boys and girls go through much confusion and stress. It is critical that they are provided with a free space to talk about these experiences that they otherwise feel embarrassed to bring up. Our motive for introducing this course is to aid the overall psychological development of children. The modules have been designed to expose students to a range of topics from introduction to puberty to the effect of social media, from awareness about LGBTQ to consent and abuse. Adolescence is a crucial period in everyone’s life, and it’s an absolute necessity that students are provided with the right guidance about these sensitive issues.” 

Introduced in association with iEsha, the content of each course is executed through a combination of discussions, activities, worksheets and videos. Certain topics have been curated for a specific gender and they are expected to be addressed based on the comfort level of students. 

Nilima Achwal, founder of iEsha Learning said, “This programme does more than just teach concepts like menstruation, puberty, and consent; it breaks taboos and creates a positive and happy attitude for children around their bodies, as well as a respectful, empathetic, and caring environment in the classroom. After implementing this programme, teachers see a tremendous increase in self-confidence, kindness, and empowerment and a significant decrease in bullying and disrespectful behaviour among students.” 

This supplementary course has already been synced with the schools that are associated with Tata ClassEdge and is available on the cloud free of cost.

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