SWaCH & SPSB spread awareness, beautify area

Neha Basudkar
Monday, 28 January 2019

Retired wing commander, Puneet Sharma also mentioned that, the concerned citizens of the city who wants their wall or any dirty place to be beautified then they should reach to us. Our team along with the local residents can clean and beautify any dirty spots of the city.

Pune: To stop garbage dumping in an open plot in Shastri Nagar corner, SWaCH and Swachh Pune- Swachh Bharat (SPSB), in collaboration with Swachh Group Kalyani Nagar, have painted roadside tin sheets with the themes of water life and air elements.

SPSB Founder and Retired wing commander, Puneet Sharma said, “Garbage was being dumped illegally in the open plot in Shastri Nagar. The Swachh Group Kalyani Nagar had approached us and we in turn approached SWaCH so that after painting the tin sheets with beautiful colours and designs, at least people would stop throwing garbage there.”

“On January 20, we started painting the sheets. The tin sheets are about 100-feet-long and we are painting it on three themes. The first theme is water elements showing aquatic life, the second theme, which has been painted today, is on air element showing kites and balloons and the third theme will be on nature and earth, which will be painted on January 3,” Sharma added.

Outreach In-charge at SWaCH Suchismita Pai said, “The open plot was becoming a dumping yard day by day. And the tin sheets were not maintained. Some of them were broken while some of the sheets were completely rusted. I think that after painting the sheets, people will not throw garbage in the open.”

Shabnam Sazen, a member of Swachh Group Kalyani Nagar, said, “The open plot near Shastri Nagar corner was getting piled up with garbage day by day. And since we did not have any artist to do the painting or any person to clean the garbage, we approached the SWaCH and SPSB.”

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