Students should not be disheartened: Counsellers

Prajakta Joshi
Friday, 8 June 2018

‘Parents should be supportive to students in time of distress’

PUNE: While students and parents are all set to check the SSC results, which are to be declared on Friday, counsellors have urged students not to be disheartened if they face failure or their performance is not satisfactory. As a tip to parents, the counsellors request them to be supportive of the students in hour of their distress.

“It is wrong to directly associate the hard work that a child has put into the studies to his/her results. Sometimes a child might study hard, and yet not score high marks. The parents should have belief in their child despite his/her result, only then will the acceptance towards the child, no matter what the marks are, will come,” said counsellor Rushikesh Humbe.

Nilima Apte, counsellor at Jnana Prabodhini, said that the results are not the end of the world, instead, the students should try to work hard for the next time.

“There is no need to be nervous. Now, the State board conducts re-examinations soon after the results so that no student loses an academic year. Thus, students should start studying immediately, giving emphasis on self-study. Also, in case you receive marks lesser than expected, focus on the subjects you like and the ones that you do well in, and select further line of education accordingly. Do not fall prey to pressure by parents,” Apte said. 

She further added, “When children are made to take up a stream they don’t want to, it leads to anxiety. The students should make it a point to talk to their parents, instead of bottling up their fears.”

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