Student develops electronic nose to grade quality of fruits

Pranita Roy
Saturday, 21 July 2018

Kanade has developed two machines called ‘Electronic Nose’ and automatic machine vision-based ‘Fruit Sorter'

Pune: To get better selling price for fruits, it is necessary to have good classification and grading for them. Ashok Kanade, a student of Ahmednagar-based PVP College affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), has developed a digital mechanism, which can easily provide accurate classification and grading of fruits in hardly any time.

Kanade has developed two machines called ‘Electronic Nose’ and automatic machine vision-based ‘Fruit Sorter,’ which will scan and detect how much the fruit has ripened, on the basis of which, it will provide information about classification and grading of the fruit. Kanade has completed his PhD with SPPU to do research on this project. He had conducted his research on guava fruit but the invention will be useful for other fruits as well. 

“With help of this mechanism, one can analyse the quality of the fruit. Therefore, fruit sellers or dealers can benefit from this new technique,” said Kanade, who has done his studies in Electronic Science. 

‘Electronic Nose’ will smell like a human nose and detect if the fruit has ripened or not. The human nose doesn’t always identify accurately, but this machine will identify without any glitches. After smelling fruits several times, it is not possible for a human to identify the ripeness of the fruit accurately. However, the electronic nose will be able to do a correct analysis in hardly any time,” said Kanade.

Arvind Shaligram, Registrar and Head of Electronic Science Department of SPPU, guided Kanade on the research. “Kanade has researched and done a survey with local farmers about their needs, after which he developed the machine. The technology has been named ‘Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor Censor’. Not only guava fruit but also other fruits grown in Maharashtra can be classified and graded with this machine and good quality of fruits only will be sold in the market. Grading of the fruit will help in labelling right price to the fruit and because of the fruit sorter, the insects or decay inside the fruit will be detected, therefore these fruits can be excluded before selling. In short, it will benefit producers and farmers a lot,” said Shaligram.

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