Space crunch in Pune hits move to set up garbage processing plants

ST Correspondent
Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Corporators oppose solid waste plants in their wards

Pune: Even three years after the announcement by District Guardian Minister Girish Bapat of decentralising garbage processing plants in the city, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is yet to find land to set up plants. In areas like Hadapsar, Kondhwa, Dhole Patil Road and Aundh, the PMC is unable to zero in on a plot due to objections raised by corporators following pubic pressure. 

The PMC used to dump garbage on open land of 163 acres in Uruli Devachi, but stopped doing so since June 2010. Later, the PMC started processing garbage by using six techniques. However, the existing plants at Aundh, Hadapsar, Kondhwa and Dhole Patil Road are not working following objections raised by locals. 

However, the PMC is not getting spots to set up new processing plants. 

Phursungi and Uruli-Devachi villagers stopped PMC vehicles from dumping garbage at Uruli Devachi several times between 2015 and 2017. Based on that, Bapat had announced in 2015, garbage processing plants in different parts of the city. However, it has not happened three years later. 

According to the Solid Waste Management Department, the PMC’s proposed plants in Hadapsar, Dhole Patil Road ward office, Aundh ward office, Kondhwa ward office area will have capacity to process 25 to 50 tonnes as per availability of space. To install a plant having capacity to process 25 tonnes of solid waste, 10,000 square feet of land is needed. For a  50-tonne capacity plant, 20,000 square feet of land is needed. 
However, locals continue to oppose setting up of plants in their vicinity. 

Solid Waste Department officials said, “Local corporators suggest that the plants be shifted outside city limits.  The garbage generation has reached  the level of 2,000 tonnes per day. But the PMC is able to process 1,100 tonnes of garbage daily.”

He said  the Land Acquisition Department gave seven options to set up plants in Dhole Patil Road ward office area, however residents objected strongly to all seven spots.  

Mayor Mukta Tilak said, “The PMC is facing challenges to locate land for setting up processing plants. Some of the plants are not running to full capacity. We are conducting audit of bio-gas plants and introducing new techniques to increase capacity of existing plants.” 

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