Some lost entire home, but glad to be safe

Friday, 28 September 2018

Many having tin shed homes were left with nothing but the piece of land

PUNE: While no untoward incident was reported following the sudden collapse of Mutha canal wall, residents of Dandekar Pul slums lost their belongings which got washed away in the water on Thursday morning. 

Utensils, gas cylinders, toys, books, electronic gadgets and other belongings of people were found floating in water and some got washed away. Many people who had built tin shed homes were left with nothing but the piece of land where their homes stood. 

A resident of Dandekar Pul slums, Arun Shelar, said, “My eldest son is doing his graduation in science, younger daughter is in 12th standard and youngest son is in ninth standard. All their books have been washed away along with kitchen utensils and other things.”

People were helped by locals with food and water. Another resident, Sudhir Abhyankar said he had brought a refrigerator during Ganesh festival which got washed away. He said all furniture of his home was damaged.

Another resident, Tanaji Sathe, who is a carpenter, said he was at work and was informed about the canal burst by his granddaughter. “I immediately rushed to my home but by the time I reached there was nothing left inside. Luckily my children and grandchildren are safe,” added Sathe, who is staying in the area since 1972 and claimed that it was the first time he witnessed such a incident.

Ashok Bhosale said his home was submerged as the Mutha canal is at a height of more than 50 feet compared to Dandekar Pul slums.

Onkar Deshpande, who works in the field of videography rushed to the spot with his drone camera. He said after taking permission he helped in shooting videos with drone camera. “In such situations, where it is not possible for humans to reach, drone cameras can help in identifying if people are stuck somewhere so they can be rescued. We used drone cameras in Kerala floods and so I thought of taking the birds eye view,” added Deshpande.

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