Soaring veggie prices burning a hole in common man's pocket

Tanaji Khot
Thursday, 12 October 2017

New arrival of vegetables dropped by more than 50 per cent

Pimpri: The soaring prices of vegetables are burning a hole in the pockets of the common man in the city. The prices are on fire after crop damage was reported in various parts of the State due to extended heavy rains in the month of October. Due to widespread rain, the crop damage and the new arrival of vegetables in the market has dropped by more than 50 per cent. 

Sample this, the price of tomatoes has doubled from Rs 15 a kg to Rs 30 per kg while onions are giving tears to people at Rs 40 a kg up from Rs 15 kg a fortnight ago. Markets in the city are normally flooded with green peas during this season but they are missing, as crops were severely destroyed due to consistent rains in green peas producing districts of the states. "The produce is also supplied from Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka to the city market, but this season, rains damaged crops in these two states also," said Narendra Pawar who runs farmers' market in the city. 

Vilas Bhujbal, a wholesale vegetable trader at Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC), said that the supply has been adversely affected due to torrential rain across the State this month. Normally, the rain stops at the end of September and a new crop of leafy greens hits the market before Diwali. But, as the crops of tomato, green peas and drumsticks have also been damaged, there is a severe shortage of supply in the market and due to this, the prices of all vegetables have doubled." 

The otherwise cheaper vegetable, which were never on the high price list, too have started costing a fortune. “It is hard to imagine that ‘bottle gourd is selling at Rs 60 per kg, which was Rs 25 some days ago. Drumstick is costing Rs 30 to 40 per kg earlier this season, is being sold at Rs 100 to 120 per kg,” said Rupali Chavan, a resident of Morwadi of Pimpri.

The price rise has not only affected households but also vendors, whose business has been hit severely. “The rise in prices of vegetables is due to the heavy rain in Maharashtra and neighbouring states that have damaged crops,” informed another vendor.

Prices of most vegetables have doubled and those of some have increased by more than 50 per cent. Methi is being sold at Rs 30 per bunch, coriander is being sold at the cost of Rs 40 per bunch, spinach is being sold at the cost of Rs 20 per bunch.

Hike in prices 
- Potato - Rs. 30 per kg
- Onion Rs. 40 Per kg
- Garlic Rs. 120 kg
- Ridge Guard - Rs. 80 per kg
- Drumstick - Rs. 120 per kg 
- Capsicum - Rs. 80 Per kg
- Bottle Gourd - Rs. 60 per kg
- Green Peas - Rs 120 to 140 per kg 

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