Salary equalisation may see reduction in PMC staff salary

ST Correspondent
Friday, 13 July 2018

In 2014,  PMC had submitted RR to the State government for the final approval. It was approved in 2015.

PUNE: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) employees’ salaries may dip following a State government order. At present, the civic body’s salaries are higher compared to State government employees. According to Recruitment Rules of guidelines, State has issued directives to PMC to match its salary structure with the State government’s.

The civic body has already begun the procedure which was objected to Pune Municipal Corporation’s employee union. The union has organised an agitation on July 17. 

President of PMC Employees Union Uday Bhat said, “The civic body’s work is different than that of State government. A corporation is carrying out different essential works including solid waste collection, health related services, fire, water supply etc. Its pay grade is higher than State government, it is not a new thing.” 

The union leader added that while approving the Sixth Pay Commission, the State government didn’t take objection to this. Bhat added that majority of employees will get set back of Rs 3,000 to maximum Rs 20,000 based on their class.

Anil Muley, Deputy Municipal Commissioner of Establishment Department of corporation said, “As per State government order, we have started equalising salary grade pay at the time of promotion. The procedure was started from 2015.”

When asked that if employee can deny promotion to keep their salary as it is, Muley said, “He can deny promotion and he will not be eligible for promotion for two years as per law. “

In 2014, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had submitted Recruitment Rules (RR) to the State government for the final approval. It was approved in 2015. While approving it, the State government had put a condition that corporation’s grade pay should match with that of the State government. 

The civic body has total 17, 331 employees. Out of them there are 91 class-I employees, 448 class-II employees. 4,262 Class-III employees while 12,527 are class-IV employees. 

One of class-1 employees said, “PMC is an autonomous body and it does not receive any grant from the State government for administrative expenses. Therefore, our salaries are not liable to be cut. The salaries of PCMC employees are higher than us. It is injustice to us. The State government should withdraw this condition.”

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