Sahaya centre to educate people about govt plans

Monday, 18 September 2017

This messenger model is led by Sahaya Single Window Centre community, which educates the needy residents about government schemes.

PUNE: Centre For Advocacy and Research (CFAR) is implementing a messenger model to spread information about necessary schemes to needy and marginalised beneficiaries, with the support of Health and Social Development Department of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Women and Child Department. 

This messenger model is led by Sahaya Single Window Centre community, which educates the needy residents about government schemes and programmes, organises enrolment schemes, supports in collecting the necessary documents for filing the forms and also collectively takes follow-ups on the filed applications.

The cadre of 84 women, including 12 trained community women, each from seven settlements in Yerawada and Vishrantwadi, are working on the issue of food security, cleanliness, health, law, peace and government schemes. Along with it, the community has been providing free health check-ups since September 3 to 13,700 marginalised people, by opening slum clinics in various areas of the city. Around 84 women from the slums were linked through this project.

Kantabai Dhende, senior social worker of Single Window Centre said, “The government is making huge changes in the form of schemes, and their implementation, at different levels.”

The women from the settlements of Yerawada and Vishrantwadi have been working on this initiative since last year to increase the reach of government schemes and programmes to the needy beneficiaries, and mediate between government officials and the people, to make them more sensitive and approachable on the issue of urban poor.

Last year, the Centre availed benefits of schemes for 1,759 marginalised beneficiaries. With the help of 150 beneficiaries of Food Security Act, Sahaya Single Window Centre prepared a community-based report card of implementation of National Food Security Act, 2013.

Asha Kamble, senior leader of Sahaya Single Window Centre, said, “Many provisions of the Food Security Scheme are for the benefit of the poor. But, it does not seem to have any effect on the settlement level. Sealed food grain samples are not available in any of the shops. If these samples are made available, large amounts of grain adulteration can be prevented, and marginalised people can get good quality of grains.”

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