RTO reduces number of licences being issued

Sushant Ranjan
Sunday, 21 October 2018

Transport authority cites staff crunch as reason behind the decision 

Pune: If you are waiting to get an appointment for a licence (permanent or learner) through the online process, you will have to wait. The Regional Transport Office (RTO), Pune has curtailed the number of quotas for issuing licenses to applicants from October 22.
The department is facing a shortage of staff. Hence, they have decided to reduce the number of licences being issued.

As per the RTO, “Due to a staff crunch in RTO, Pune, it has been decided that the online quotas for permanent and learner licences will reduce to 350 and 442, respectively from October 22.”
Officials said the number will increase after enough manpower is made available to the department. Earlier, the quota for permanent licence was 400 while it was 500 for learner licence.

Since the online process was started last year, the RTO has been increasing regularly the quotas for applicants. It helps applicants to get licences easily. The RTO changed the categories for applications coming under the quotas for smoother functioning of the process.

Due to lack of staff at the RTO, hundreds of applicants are on the waiting list for taking the driving test for a permanent licence. Also, the number of applicants is increasing daily. 

There are three centres under the RTO to provide a permanent licence to drivers, who take the test for a learning licence at Sangam Bridge office for two-wheelers while a permanent licence test is held at the RTO Alandi. For four-wheelers, a permanent licence test is conducted at the Institute of Driving Training and Research (ITDR), Bhosari.

The waiting list for learning and permanent licences for four-wheelers is around two months and for two-wheelers, drivers wait for around one week. Earlier, the applicant had to wait only for a day after the online process was initiated. However, the officials claimed they do not have enough staffers to conduct the tests.

Last month, the State Transport Department had suspended 28 motor vehicle inspectors and nine assistant inspectors posted at RTOs across Maharashtra for issuing fitness certificates to vehicles without proper inspection. 

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