RTO gets 25 pc less revenue

Sushant Ranjan
Saturday, 20 October 2018

Gets `20.25 crore as against `26.96 crore last year

Pune: Despite the policy of Regional Transport Office (RTO) to complete the registration of vehicles in a couple of days after their sale, there is a  slowdown in sale of vehicles in the city.

Sales of automobiles on the occasion of Dussehra saw a major dip as compared to last year. Consequently, the department has lost around 25 per cent in terms of revenue. The RTO generated Rs 20.25 crore in revenue. It had got Rs 26.96 crore last year and Rs 20.29 in 2016.

According to the figures released by the RTO, 5,085 vehicles were registered between October 15 and 18. This is the peak period of Navratri when auto sales get a major boost. Last year, during the same period, 8,689 vehicles were registered. 

In all, 4,015 bikes were registered during the period this year as against 5,741 last year. In all, 970 cars and SUVs were registered this year as against 2,075 four-wheelers registered last year.

Dussehra is considered an auspicious occasion to purchase a vehicle. Many consumers book them early, but take the delivery on the auspicious day. Special schemes are offered by manufacturers and showrooms to woo customers. Hopes of dealers are now pinned on Diwali for better sales.

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