Restaurants now using steel tiffins to pack liquid food items

Neha Basudkar
Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Customers have to pay deposit of Rs 200 if they want to take parcel in tiffins

Pune: The restaurants and hoteliers of the city have found out an alternative to plastic to pack liquid food items. From June 24, they have started giving out home delivery and food parcels in steel tiffins.

Ganesh Shetty, President of Restaurant and Hoteliers Association of Pune, told Sakal Times that since they were losing their customers, they decided to start giving home deliveries and parcels in steel tiffins.

He said, “Since the plastic ban has just been implemented, not all the restaurants are using this alternative. Only 5 per cent of them have switched to using steel tiffins. The whole idea behind this alternative is that when the customer will order for home delivery, we will tell them that our delivery person will deliver the parcel in our tiffin box and they should empty it and return it immediately with our delivery person. All our customers are cooperating and at present, it seems to be one of the solutions to the plastic ban.”

He also said, “Customers, who want to take away the food parcel from the restaurant itself and do not have a container with them, can deposit Rs 200 with us, take away the food packed in steel tiffin and then return the tiffin to us. Hence, people should carry containers with them while taking food parcel from the restaurant itself.”

He also added, “We have purchased the steel tiffins from our side and we are not charging anything extra from the customers, not even in food menu.”

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