Residential society installs tap aerators to save water

Debasmita Dutta
Saturday, 31 March 2018

Now, many societies have come forward to get guidance on tap aerator device which will help them control water wastage

Pune: Residents of Celestial City, Ravet, have set an example to other residential societies by fitting water-saving aerators to almost 1,050 taps in 700 flats. Thus, the residents are successful in saving 52,000 litres of water per month. The initiative has spread awareness about the usage and wastage of water in many residential complexes.

Now, many society authorities have been approaching Celestial City residents with the request to help them install this device in their societies. This transformation in water usage and saving has been brought about by a resident from Celestial City, Prajakta Rudrawar. She put forth the idea before the residents of her society, who readily agreed to install water aerators in their houses. So, a day after their meeting, on March 22, almost 1,050 taps in the society were fitted with the gadgets.  “Our society has faced many problems with water supply. Moreover, in view of the grim situation in the near future, it was very important to install water-saving aerators to each tap,” said Rudrawar. Tap aerators or flow regulators are attached to taps, specially to older ones, to save as much as half of the water usage. On an average, an old tap, which has a flow of 15 litres of water per minute, can reduce it to 6 litres per minute after the regulator is fitted to it. 

Many society authorities are impressed with this easy way of saving water and are encouraging residents to install these flow regulators in their houses.

Madhuri Koley, Secretary of Vishwa Co-operative Society in Mhada Colony, Vimannagar, said, “I am going to make sure that this device is attached to all taps in all 24 row houses in our society. I have discussed this in our recent society meeting and hopefully the work will start from next week. It is very important to install such easy water-saving devices in every house, as this would check wastage of water.” Seema Bhansali, a resident of Mithras Park in Pimple Saudagar, said, “I have started spreading awareness in our society, when I came to know about the device from Prajakta. The tap aerators have already been installed in my house. I have also spoken to our society chairman to make it mandatory in all 84 flats in our society.”

She added, “Many people fear that housemaids would refuse to work if the water pressure is reduced to half on installing this device. It would not wash dishes and clothes properly. However, when I use it, I face no such problem. The water flow is sufficient for washing dishes and clothes.”

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