Reaching RGITP Phase 3 is challenge for IT employees

Sunil Pradhan
Monday, 3 September 2018

Pawanjit Mane said that employees are looking for other job locations like Teerth IT Park, Kharadi IT Park or Yerwada IT Park but not RGITP Phase 3.

PUNE: Despite government working on finding solutions to reduce traffic congestion in Hinjawadi, the traffic situation continues to remain grim causing different types of loses for companies and employees working in Rajiv Gandhi Information Technology Park (RGITP). While there is a rise in a number of information technology (IT) companies in RGITP Phase 3, employees working in IT industry are hesitating to think RGITP Phase 3 as their job location given the struggle involved in reaching RGITP Phase 3. 

As per statistics from Maharashtra government, Pune with 177 IT parks contributes to about 10  per cent of the software export in the list of Tier 1 cities with Bengaluru contributing about 31 per cent of the exports. With more than 100 IT companies in Hinjawadi RGITP, the area contributes majorly in the export of software products however employees claim that the traffic challenge in Hinjawadi is acting like a hurdle for the progress of these companies.

Pawanjit Mane, President of Forum of IT Employees, who has regularly highlighted the issue of Hinjawadi traffic with the government, said that employees are looking for other job locations like Teerth IT Park, Kharadi IT Park or Yerwada IT Park but not RGITP Phase 3. “Employees working in RGITP spend about 3 hours travelling which is also impacting the work-life balance of these employees,” added Mane.

Another software employee Ankush Dubey, who works in RGITP and stays in Sangvi, said that it takes him at least an hour to reach Shivaji Chowk from Sangvi. “It takes me about 30 minutes to cross a 1.5-km stretch from Bhujbal Chowk to Shivaji Chowk on a daily basis and same is the situation during my return journey. I would never think of working in RGITP Phase 3. Earlier, I was working at Nal Stop and I would reach my office in 35 minutes from Sangvi but now my travel time has increased,” added Dubey.

To reach RGITP Phase 3 one can travel through four different roads but bad road conditions make it a nightmare for employees to reach their destination. While the Sus-Nande-Chande-Maan, Baner-Balewadi-Mahalunge-Nande-Chande-Maan routes are in bad condition there is heavy traffic on  Wakad-Shivaji Chowk-RGITP Phase 1- RGITP Phase 2 route. The newly-opened road which connects Bhujbal Chowk to RGITP Phase 2 has few bottlenecks.

Speaking on the issue, Police Inspector K Mhaswade of Hinjawadi traffic division said that while different government agencies are working on improving the road condition traffic department has now decided to optimise road usage by studying the traffic flow in the area. “We have decided to close down all median punctures to avoid traffic blockage. We are also studying different spots to design one-way traffic movement which will surely smoothen the traffic in the area and will help employees reach their work location in RGITP Phase 3 quicker. We will need about a month’s time and IT employees should cooperate on our new plan to make it a success,” added Mhaswade.

Wakad Bridge, Bhujbal Chowk, Bhumkar Chowk, Shivaji Chowk, Geometric Chowk, Wipro Circle, Infosys Phase 2 Circle, Sus village.

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